DIY | Wooden Polaroid Photos


My latest craft project is up at Drifter & the Gypsy, this month we’re making these adorable wooden Polaroids. These mini photos are a unique and inexpensive way to display your favourite Instagram photos around your home! And, if you’re searching for a homemade gift idea, why not make a set of photos with you your significant other for Valentine’s Day? The full tutorial as well as some more display ideas can be found over at Drifter & the Gypsy!

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Motivation Monday 02


We rarely find ourselves where we thought we be.  No one ever said life runs in a straight line, but sometimes it feels like we’re getting off track. Even though it can be hard, Don’t let the world get you down. Try to enjoy all the twists and turns along the way (even the kind of lame ones!) Happy Monday friends! 

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Sunday Sessions | Popsicle Week


Did you know that it’s Popsicle Week? Every year during the first week of summer (in the US), Wit & Vinegar hosts the official popsicle week where a bunch of talented bloggers from all over the world share their popsicle recipes. Even as I sit here, rugged up in a jumper and blanket, I am totally digging the frozen treats that have been coming my way all week! So, as all of my favourite finds have been popsicle related, instead of the usual round-up, here are a bunch of my favourites that I just can’t wait to try! 

PB&J PopsiclesTayberry, Rose Geranium + Buttermilk Popsicles | Strawberry Bourbon Smash Popsicles
Raspberry Strawberry Watermelon Popsicle |  Cereal Milk Neapolitan Popsicles
Berry Buttermilk Popsicles | Strawberry Cream Pops

Motivation Monday 01


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It’s the beginning of another new week. This year is going by so fast and working temporary contracts has meant that my routine is constantly chopping and changing over the last few months. Sometimes you need a little motivation to get you pumped for what lies ahead. I hope you are all psyched for a new week of adventures! Keep reaching for the stars!

When all else fails…


I am spending my long weekend interstate for a wedding. After a crazy few months, a few days off is just what the doctor ordered. Catching up with old friends and family (and squeezing in a sneaky shopping trip!) I hope you guys have a relaxing weekend in store as well, especially those of us who get an extra day (or two!)

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Sunday Sessions | 27.04.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly list of awesome and amazing links from around the web |

- Watch this mouth watering video from La Maison Patissere. Watching these perfect pastries and cakes come together is mesmerizing and the wonderful pastel colour palette only makes it more beautiful!

- I’m not entirely sure about the context in which this project was conceived, but I’m digging these images by stylist / Set designer/ decorating editor Jenni Juurinen where-in she creates mirrored images; one made of furniture and one made of food. Love it!

- Speaking of quirky food related projects: Taking the term ‘comfort food’ to the next level, Jessica Dance produced this amazing series of knitted lambswool recreations of your favourite foods! Anyone feel like cuddling up to a hamburger?

- A big hello to all the newbies who have come to us via Pinterest this week! I love meeting new readers and I’m so glad that Lyndsay of the gorgeous blog Coco Cake Land stopped by to say hello because I am now totally obsessed with her cakes and recipes! Everything looks incredible!

Happy Bunny Day!


Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate Easter! As per usual, we filled our fridge with way to much chocolate and I ate enough to make myself sick. It was awesome. Here’s hoping you’re having a wonderful day no matter how you are spending your Sunday!

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diy-easter-eggsIf there’s one thing that I am sure of, it’s that I will never cease to be amazed at the sheer volume of Easter Egg decorating projects that come out of the woodwork every year! Who knew there could be so many ways to make a fragile little oval shape look so beautiful! Now, this amazement may be due to the fact that I haven’t tried my hand at egg decorating size primary school. In comparison, everyone is a million billion times more creative than me and my lack of effort. But looking at just these few DIY’s I have chosen to share with you today, I think it’s more due to the fact that these ladies are off-the-chain talented! It’s just the inspiration I needed to get off my butt and come up with my own Easter projects! What about you guys? Are you decorating eggs this Easter or do you have your own project in mind?

Golden Marbled Eggs / Metallic Egg Art Spotted Eggs
Abstract Painted Eggs / Illustrated Eggs / Watercolor Eggs

Why not DIY for your Valentine?


I’ve never been good at the Valentine DIY. I’m a little too much of a tomboy to come up with something that doesn’t feel overly cheesy. Lucky for my loved ones, the blogging community never fails to come up with simple and perfect projects that anyone can pull together, even at the last minute (if you’re anything like me…) And apart from that, a hand made Valentine is 1000 times less cheesy than your average store bought options! Amiright?! What would we do without all these crafty folks?

Brit & Co | Paper & Stitch | The House that Lars Built
100 Layer Cake | Oh, So Pretty | Paper & Stitch
designlovefest | Lovely Indeed | Studio DIY


Down for “Maintenance”


Sorry the blog has been down the last couple of days. I originally intended for it to only be down for a day while I installed the new layout (speaking of which - you likey?) I ended up getting a tad carried away tweaking and re-designing all the various pages and it ended up taking a bit longer than originally anticipated…

totally worth it ;)