Hello, my name is Dani, and this is my little corner of the internet!

Dani is an Australian blogger with a passion for digital media and online communities. She dabbles in photography, crafting, baking and a little bit of amateur design. She loves the simple things;  minimalist design, use of negative space, pops of vibrant colours and basically anything in white. When she’s not exploring the web for inspiration you can find her obsessing over pop culture, spending time with her house mates and let’s be honest, probably eating ice cream.


High Walls began back in 2010 as a ‘just for fun’ pastime. Since then, it has thrived and continues to grow. Here you will find DIY & Craft Projects, tasty recipes, design and style inspiration, fabulous finds and everything in between. We believe in supporting independent design and creators, if you would like to work together, please read our sponsorship page for more information or contact me!