Sunday Sessions | 27.04.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly list of awesome and amazing links from around the web |

- Watch this mouth watering video from La Maison Patissere. Watching these perfect pastries and cakes come together is mesmerizing and the wonderful pastel colour palette only makes it more beautiful!

- I’m not entirely sure about the context in which this project was conceived, but I’m digging these images by stylist / Set designer/ decorating editor Jenni Juurinen where-in she creates mirrored images; one made of furniture and one made of food. Love it!

- Speaking of quirky food related projects: Taking the term ‘comfort food’ to the next level, Jessica Dance produced this amazing series of knitted lambswool recreations of your favourite foods! Anyone feel like cuddling up to a hamburger?

- A big hello to all the newbies who have come to us via Pinterest this week! I love meeting new readers and I’m so glad that Lyndsay of the gorgeous blog Coco Cake Land stopped by to say hello because I am now totally obsessed with her cakes and recipes! Everything looks incredible!

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