DOWNLOAD | The Great ‘Outdoors’



The great outdoors have never appealed to me. Sure, lush forests and tall mountains are stunning, but what I want to know is ‘do they have wifi’? (They don’t. Trust me. I checked!) Personally, I’d much rather look at the great outdoors from the comfort of my couch. Or bed.  Or basically anywhere I don’t have to content with copious amounts of mud and bugs.

So here is one for the not-so-outdoors-y types like me! Look at those epic mountain peaks! That dense, mysterious forest! Oh the majesty! It’s beautiful and I love it! (Now shhh, I’m watching Netflix!)

Happy Valentines Day (and a FREE download!)


Happy Expensive Flowers Day! I jest, I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but damn are flowers expensive this time of year! In the spirit of the day, and because I know you probably already spent your paycheck on floral arrangements, here’s a freebie! A cute heart and arrow desktop background for you to download for your phone, ipad or computer!

iphone-dl-button   ipad-dl-button   desktop-dl-button




Bottle your own Home Made Lemonade!

Download these FREE Lemonade Bottle Labels PLUS a recipe for the best home made lemonade!
After the holiday celebrations we found ourselves with a surplus of empty bottles, and in particular, these glass soda water bottles caught my eye. So naturally, I liberated them for some home grown recycling.

After a soak in some warm soapy water, their ugly store labels scrubbed right off, leaving them clean and ready for something a little nicer. It only takes 5 minutes to print a set of these adorable Home Made Lemonade labels (Print onto an A4 sheet of adhesive paper) and give your cheap-o supermarket bottles a new lease on life!

Fill your pretty ‘new’ bottles with some home made lemonade (you wouldn’t want that label to be a lie, now would you?) and your done! I’ve even supplied my favourite recipe for classic home made lemonade below! Take them to work or send them to school with your little ones, just generally show em off! Convince your friends you have your own exclusive brand. I wont tell ;)

click-to-dowloadDownload these FREE Lemonade Bottle Labels PLUS a recipe for the best home made lemonade!

Homemade Lemonade
  • 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice (around 6-8 lemons)
  • 6 cups of water
  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • Soda water (optional)
  1. Place the lemons on a hard flat surface and with the palm of your hand, firmly roll the lemons back and forth to soften the insides. Cut each lemon in half two and using a citrus juicer, extract the juice into a bowl and set aside.
  2. Place the left over lemon rinds into a large bowl and set aside also.
  3. Meanwhile, bring 4 cups of water to the boil.
  4. Place the sugar in a bowl and pour over 1 cup of boiling water. Mix until the sugar has dissolved.
  5. Pour the remaining boiling water over the lemon rinds, cover and allow to sit for at least an hour.
  6. Discard the lemon rind and combine with the sugar water, lemon juice and an additional 2 cup
  7. Cover the lemon rinds with the other 3 cups of boiling water and let this sit for about an hour and you will have lemon infused water. Discard the rinds.
  8. In a large pitcher, combine the lemon juice, the dissolved sugar water, the 3 cups of lemon infused water and the remaining 2 cups of water (or substitute for soda water if you prefer more fizz!). Mix well before decanting into your prepared glass bottles.
  9. Chill this in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight before serving for a deeper flavour or else serve with a few extra wedges of lemon to garnish.

Download these FREE Lemonade Bottle Labels PLUS a recipe for the best home made lemonade!Download these FREE Lemonade Bottle Labels PLUS a recipe for the best home made lemonade!

Download | Happy New Year!

FREE Desktop Download! A clean and simple background for 2015!

Happy New Year Everybody! I never intended to take a break from blogging over the holidays, but it’s been a couple of weeks and here we are! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. This year was my first holiday season away from my family and it was actually pretty awesome. We had dinner parties for both of the big celebrations and cooked a ridiculous amount of food! I have to admit, I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after a couple of weeks of nothing but eating and relaxing.

So, let’s ease into this shall we? Its a new year so let’s start it with something simple; a fresh desktop for 2015. Slap it on your desktop (it comes with a handy calendar for those of you like me who are struggling to keep up with the year already!) or get your iPhone and iPad looking fly with the calendar free version. Or put it on all three! I’m never one to dissuade anyone from getting all matchy-matchy with their style!  

desktop-dl-button   iphone-dl-button   ipad-dl-buttonFREE iPhone or iPad Download! A clean and simple background for 2015!

As always, if you have a device that wont fit one of these backgrounds, leave me a comment! I am more than happy to post sizes for other devices!

Download | It’s Finally Christmas!

FREE Simple Christmas downloads for your tablet, smartphone or desktop!

This is it, you guys! December first: officially Christmas Season. You think things have been festive around here the last week or so? Hoo Boy! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Christmas is my jam! I basically spend the other 11 months of the year counting down until it is socially acceptable to start decorating my house again.

So let’s do this! I’ll ease us into it with a couple of minimalistic pine tree forests to adorn all your digital devices with this festive season. As always, if you need a different size, leave me a comment with your device type and I will whip one up for you! :)


DOWNLOAD: desktop | iPhone 5 (a) (b) | iPhone4 (a) (b) | iPad (a) (b)

FREE Simple Christmas downloads for your tablet, smartphone or desktop!

Download | Diamonds & Gemstones

FREE Gemstone and Diamond printable wrapping paper templates |

Is it weird that I whipped up a wrapping paper design for my own birthday? Whatever. Here are a couple of free wrapping paper templates for y’all to print out and use next time you’re in a gift giving mood! They are A3 size but can easilly be shrunk down to A4, like I did for the little gifts pictured. AND, because I’m really diggin’ the diamonds and gemstones, I’ve also included to option to download each as a phone background! Simply download template and adorn everything and anything with a bit of geometric sparkle! Enjoy!

Diamond | wrapping paper | iphone 5  | iphone 4
Gemstone | wrapping paper | iphone 5  | iphone 4

FREE Gemstone and Diamond printable wrapping paper templates |


Download | 08

FREE Desktop Downloads from

What’s that you say? You’re sick of your boring old background and you want a new one? What a coincidence - I’ve been feeling the same way! Because we’re such good friends, let me share my new background; it’s light and fun and perfect for those of you going into summer! Even better for us folks who might need a little brightness on a gloomy winter day! Click below to download and as always, if you need a different size, leave a comment below!

download-desktopdownload-ipad download-iphone5download-iphone4

FREE Desktop Downloads from

Download | Green Thumbs


The famous painter, Claude Monet once said, ‘My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.’  And I have to agree with my buddy Claude, there’s something so satisfying about a good bout of gardening. Perhaps a bit of greenery is all you need to remind you about the simple pleasures in life and get those creative juices flowing. Our weekend has been filled with pulling weeds and gardening. My thumbs are feeling so extra green that when I tried to make some content for today’s post, leafy green goodness is all I could come up with!

Don’t worry if your thumbs aren’t feeling all that green. For those of you who might not have gotten out into the garden this weekend, here’s a bit of digital greenery to sooth your soul; guaranteed to be free of worms and dirty hands!


iPhone Desktop | iPad
 iPhone | Desktop | iPad


Download | Geometric Colours


So, making desktop  and phone backgrounds is totally my Jam! It’s just way too much fun! I hope you guys are enjoying them because I’m not planning on stopping any time soon.  Vibrant colours and geometric shapes were calling to me. I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but I think it was along the lines of ‘Hey, Dani! You should make some totally bitchin’ rainbow patterns for people to adorn their phones with!” and who am I to deny the voices of shapes and colours?

downloaddesktop downloadipad download5 download4

Downloadables | A Compliment for You


Did you know that the 1st of March is World Compliment Day? Isn’t that a great idea for a ‘holiday’? I mean, who doesn’t need a compliment now and again? The day was originally started in the Netherlands and has been dubbed the ‘worlds most positive day’, which I think is pretty awesome So, in the spirit of the day, I whipped up a little phone background for you to download. Something to remind you how lovely you look today :)