Oh Etsy| Off the Hanger

oe-offthehangershorts | tee | crop | kimono

Clearly, I am a child, because I really really  want a pair of these adorable cactus shorts… too bad they are for babies! If I’m real with you guys, I would snap each one of these items off its hanger and put them all on a once (and wouldn’t THAT just be a fashion statement and a half!) But think of how cute I’d look with my dinosaur crop, under an awesome bear print oversized tee?! Such a mature and grown-up outfit… ;)


Oh Etsy | Face Time

pillow | sweater | print | purse

I have a new style motto: put adorable faces on everything! Faces on my linen. Faces on my walls. Faces on my clothes. Faces on my accessories. Get out a sharpie and start drawing! Or, you know, opt for the more permanent, quality option and purchase one of these pretties. This week’s Etsy picks come courtesy of the unique and striking works of Depeapa, My Little Bellville, Karolin Schnoor and Laurie Hastings. Check them out!


Oh Etsy | Bold & Beautiful Blues

oe-bluesbracelet | sweater | hat | clutch

I know I’m a little early for winter picks (or late, depending where in the world you are!), but these blue beauties are calling to me. Over the last couple of years I found myself increasingly drawn to bold, chunky sweaters, both for the comfort and the fun they bring. Paired with a cosy knitted hat and some choice accessories; a geometric bracelet here, a shibori clutch there, and you have makings of a bold and beautiful blue collection. (Even if it is a little out of season…)


Oh Etsy | 2015 Calendars & Planners

Life Planner | Mountain CalendarAstrology Wall Calendar | Weekly Planner

It happens every year. Other folk buy their calendars and diaries in December, so come January 1st - they are ready and rearing to go! Me? I procrastinate until the first week of January and then proceed to um and ahh about what I want (and of course, complain about my indecision here!) It’s not my fault if you really think about it. If everybody would stop making so many gorgeous designs, then I wouldn’t have to worry about making a choice!

I’ve narrowed it down to these four choices. I’m pretty sure I may have shared some of these before but that’s just how much I love them! That Astrology Wall Calendar is so damn pretty, but I love the clever design in the Mountain Calendar, how the dates line the peaks and valleys (check it out in it’s full glory - this little thumbnail doesn’t do it justice!) What do you guys think? Or do you have even better designs to share? Leave me a link in the comments, I’d love to check them out :)


Oh Etsy | Stocking Stuffers

 oe-sticking-stuffers2015 diary | pouch | jewel soaps | wish list | key ring

Etsy is my favourite place to find stocking stuffers. Anyone can buy the old candle and chocolates combination, but what I really love is finding a little something that is quirky and fun to surprise my loved ones with on Christmas morning.  All of these pretty finds are $20 or under, so not only are they gorgeous, but also totally affordable!


Oh Etsy | More Gift Swap Ideas!


One of the things I love about holding our annual Christmas Gift Swap is finding unique and original Christmasy things from independent artists and designers. I feel like most store bought cards and gifts are all kind of the same. Etsy, on the other hand, has the prettiest and most interesting designs. Don’t you agree?

‘deck the halls’ card | chalkboard print | jingle bell ornament
pine tree wrapping paper | merry merry print | bauble print |
christmas tags | holiday home postcards | merry & bright card


Oh Etsy | Winter Pine

cone ornaments | origami ornament | ‘tree 06’ print snowflake ornament 

Christmas always makes me think of winter.  You know; Warm sweaters,woolly scarves, pine trees and snow. This is despite the fact I live in Australia, and all of my Christmas’ revolve around trying to keep cool during the hottest time of the year! I guess movies and TV have conditioned me to still think of those ‘traditionally Christmas’ images. And I’m pretty okay with it! I might not have pine cones and snowy trees,but at least I can live vicariously through all these lovely Etsy finds…


Oh Etsy | You are GOLD


01 Bowls | 02 Leggings | 03 Planter

When I was a kid, I would have the TV on all day, everyday during the school holidays.  Even if I wasn’t watching it, it was still on in the background.  My parents worked and I would be at home by myself, so there was no one to tell me that just because I could didn’t mean I should. 

Back then, the cartoons were over by mid morning and didn’t start again until late afternoon, so I was mainly stuck with infomercials and soap operas. There was this one infomercial for a “Best of the 80’s” compilation album and it was on every. damn. day. God, I hated that commercial. (Although apparently, not enough to actually turn the TV off?)

For me the worst part was the fact that the song ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet would play numerous times throughout the duration of the ad, but Just the chorus. And because informercials play on a bloody loop, that was all I would hear. Every day. “You are GOLD!! (gold) Always beleeiive in your soouuuulllll” Oh my god it drove me insane.

But here’s the thing. Even though that was a million years ago, the damage has been done; Now, any time I hear anyone say the word ‘gold’, in any context, even if I just read  it -  I instantly have that damn song stuck in my head. Every time without fail. It’s like I brainwashed myself in the most useless way possible.

If you’re wondering what the point of this story is, it’s that I have that damn song stuck in my head again! Thanks to these pretty things I spotted on Etsy, I will be humming this song over and over again for the rest of the week. I hope you guys appreciate the things I do for you…