Sunday Sessions | 23.11.14

ss23.11.14ONE | If this Hipster Mermaid Wedding photo shoot doesn’t speak to your inner child, I don’t know what will. Arial herself would be head over heels to have a wedding as fun and colorful as this one!

TWO | I’ve always been a sucker for a marquee light, but this snowflake DIY from A Beautiful Mess is calling to me. I have a fireplace that would look aaaaamazing with one of these lights up on it… now I just need to get myself some power tools haha!

THREE | Speaking of DIY, totally digging this super quick and easy paper leaf napkin rings. You can download the template from the blog Little White Whale and jazz up your table settings in mere minutes!

FOUR | Have you guys signed up for our Christmas Gift Swap? It was so much fun last year and I cannot wait to host it again! Don’t forget, sign ups close on Friday!

Sunday Sessions | 28.09.14


- I don’t know if its the vibrant colors or the delicious pastries, but  I am so digging these DIY color blocked trivets from Sugar & Cloth

- Oh. My. Glob. I need this David Bowie print shirt. Look at the tiny Bowies! This is literally the best thing I’ve seen in a long time!

- Bold and beautiful, the ‘Komon’ series of  Japanese bowls from Kihara are gorgeous!

- I find this Butterfly Garden pattern, by Wendy Kendall, somewhat soothing. Don’t you?

Sunday Sessions | 31.08.14


- Not gonna lie: I may have downloaded every version of this printable succulent download over at Sugar & Cloth. It is now adorning almost all my digital devices!

- These works by artist Todd Baxter and his wife certainly do invoke the same feeling of familar nostalgia as Wes Anderson’s visual style; and as such, I love them!

- Loving Corrina’s  summer cocktail illustrations

- Professional photographer Jame Clauss when faced with nothing to do, staged a baby photo shoot for Snuggles the Jack-Russell Terrier. Hilarious and adorable!


Sunday Sessions| 17.08.14


-  You might already be familiar with Julie’s Kitchen - the most inspiring blog (and instagram account) but I just found out that you can purchase prints of Julie photographs! Ummm.. I need ALL of these for my kitchen! Kitchen’s are often miss out on art decoration

- Designed by the talented Brittany Jepson of The House that Lars Built, this collection of dinnerware entitled Petals is gorgeous!

- Chocolate Lego you guys. Chocolate. Lego. Akihiro Mizuuchi is a god amongst men! 

- Wow! Lucy Sparrow turned an abandoned corner shop into a temporary art exhibition featuring 4,000 hand-sewn felt products! The shop is open to visitors every day this month, and items are available for purchase online; there are chips, magazines, candy, frozen dinners, and even the cash register, all reproduced in felt! Amazing!

Sunday Sessions | 10.08.14


- I am so inspired by the styling on designlovefest‘s recent Holiday Cocktail post! I may have to start incorporating patterns into my photos from now on! These look amazing!

- Okay, so these probably win the award for the silliest idea, BUT these puppy models are totally selling these Pet Bandana’s from Urban Outfitters. What can I say? I cannot resist a well dressed puppy! (1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

- Can anyone honestly say that these fruit macaroons aren’t the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen? Props to Sugar & Cloth for such a clever (and cute) idea!

-  Hello Pattern is a collection of wonderful colored geometric patterns created by the illustrator Judy Kaufmann.  She is selling these patterns online along with the freedom to use them on whatever you like! The buyer of each pattern can apply it to whatever they like from paper to fabric, from wood to walls!


Sunday Sessions | 22.06.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of amazing links from around the web |

This week the internet has been overflowing with awesome DIY projects, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites in case you missed them!

- My love for succulents is no secret (just check out my pins if you you don’t believe me!) so this Terrarium Table Runner from A Beautiful Mess is right up my alley. I only wish out dining room got enough light to keep our succulents happy inside!

- It might be the middle of winter here in Australia, but Sugar & Cloth‘s adorable polka dot floppy hat DIY has me feelin’ summery. Love that mint colour!

- The concept of floats; ice cream and soft drink, has always seemed really weird to me. This trio of floats from A Subtle Revelry has me reconsidering. How can something that looks so fun, not  taste amazing!?

- Daria‘s shuttlecock lights garland wins for the cleverest thing I’ve seen! Who would have known that your old school gym was secretly housing something so damn pretty!

Sunday Sessions | 15.06.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of awesome links around around the web |

- I’ve always found a fresh lined notebook inspiring, so coming across the Inspiration Pad blew my mind!  Taking your common old ruled notebook, the 48-page book turns those regular lines on their head, each page merging into new patterns and shapes to get your creative juices flowing. Each book is printed on sustainable paper and is available here!

- Yes Please! I can totally see how snacking on this edible Zen garden would be relaxing! The perfect way to camouflage my 3pm sugar hit on my desk at work!

- My mouth is water looking at these Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls from Gimmie Some Oven. I know what I’m baking next weekend!

- Uhhhh…. Why did no one tell me that Rifle Paper Co are making wallpaper now? My house (future) house is going to be so damn stylin’ with these amazing designs on. every. wall.


Sunday Sessions | 08.06.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of awesome links from around the web |

- Have I shared this before? You know what… I don’t even care if I have: Darcy the flying hedgehog is the cutest thing ever and definitely an instagram account you should be following!

- Oh. My. God. I am in crazy love with this installation by Maybelle. Tulips are my favourite flowers so the thought of a giant floral chandelier is my idea of heaven!  (via Oh Happy Day)

- Funky Town majorly pimped these ikea stools. Simple and AMAZING!

- Check out these pretty and quirky painted ceramics by La Malcontteenta. Pretty things with faces are always a winner in my books.

Sunday Sessions | 01.06.14

Sunday Sessions -  A weekly round up of amazing links |

- Whoooooaaa! Alison has some serious skills when it comes to these amazing cookies! Lucky for us she is currently developing an awesome online course  to share her secrets to making sugar cookies! I can’t wait!

-  In her series ‘One-Dog Policy’, photographer Maija Astikainen captures the doings of pet dogs left alone as they wait for their owners to return. Sooo cute!

- Molly of Almost Makes Perfect has killed it again with her latest DIY for these watercolour table numbers for her wedding. I can’t be the only one thinking she is going to have the prettiest, most stylin’ wedding ever!

- I had a serious issue trying to decided between these beautiful desktop downloads by artist Katharine Jury over at DesignLoveFest. Loving the pastels and striking brush strokes!

Sunday Sessions: 25.05.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of awesome links from around the web |

- Designer Clarke Harris created this amazing wall art ‘Work Hard Stay Humble‘  - starting with sketches, all the way through to the finished product. I love it! Check out his website to see some more of his amazing work!

- I came across the work of  Melbourne artist and illustrator Amy Borrell on Etsy and it was love at first sight!

- Artist Sarolta Ban has started a heartwarming project called Help Dogs with Images, wherein she asks her Facebook followers to submit a photo of a dog or cat that needs to be adopted and she creates one of these beautiful and surreal images to garner more attention for the animal. Whoever adopts the animal will also receive a print of the image and fans fan even buy prints with the proceeds going to the hosting shelter.

- I can’t stop looking at these honeycomb sugar cookies from A Beautiful Mess. The pastel colours have me all giddy… I need a hexagon cookie cutter - STAT!