Sunday Sessions | 02.02.14

ONE / I recently came across Bossacafez‘s delectable flickr stream. All the photos are so crisp and delicious, I’m totally mesmerized by everything on there!

TWO / Been browsing the Valentines Day category on Society 6  and came across a whole stack of wonderful love themed illustrations. I honestly lose hours just perusing all the different artists and designers. ( 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 )

THREE / As a life long Batman fan these photos obviously caught my eye;  Photographer Rémi Noël has chronicled adventures of  Batman action figure travelling across the world. The dramatic black and white photos make all of the most normal activities seem as dramatic as you can imagine Batman’s life should be!

FOUR / Perhaps these are a little morbid, but I totally identify with some of  these Irrational Fears by illustrator Andrew of The Kolblog. It’s nice to know other people have random fears of things that are really unlikely!

Sunday Sessions: 26.01.13


To those of you who, like me, are in Australia; HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!  To all my international readers, I hope you enjoy a little taste of Aussie pride :)

LINE ONE / Erika whipped up these delectable White Chocolate Lamingtons - complete with adorable watercolour Aussie flags! There is nothing that says Australia like a lamington!

LINE TWO / Normally I like to stick with simple nail art, but how can you say no to Koalas?

LINE THREE / Reliving an old recipe for Australia day, making home made Iced Vovo’s again. YUM!

LINE FOUR / Really digging Elizabeth Poole‘s print ‘Polaroids from Australia‘. Makes me think of cross country road trips from when I was a kid.

Sunday Sessions: 19.01.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly collection of awesome things |
Welcome back dear readers, to the First Sunday Sessions of the year! Hooray! I have a little round up of nifty things I have come across on the interwebs this week, but first I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who had participated in the High Walls survey. It has been super helpful and interesting to hear what you guys have to say! I will be posting the stats soon for those of you who are interested. If you want to participate, you still can right HERE.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff:

LINE ONE / Oh Hello you adorable things! Japanese embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota was asked by her son to embroider some feline friends on the clothes she was making him and it wasn’t long before her amazing creations went viral! Each kitty is hand stitched onto pockets and shirts. You could even get them in her Etsy Store Go!Go!5, but at $200 - $300 a pop, they are a little out of my price range! (That doesn’t stop me from lusting over these cuties!)

LINE TWO /  My boyfriend and I had a whole conversation in CAPS (via Skype) over these photos of ‘aquascaping’! Did you even know this was a thing?! These pictures are from the world’s largest nature aquarium and aquatic plants layout competition, the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (IAPLC) which is held annually. Do yourself a favour and check out the full photos, because they are incredible! Totally puts my childhood fish tank to shame!

LINE THREE / Putting faces on inanimate objects will never fail to amuse me. These fella’s are thanks to Canadian artist Aiden Glynn (via his tumblr Pizza and Pixels). Love it!

LINE FOUR / Have you seen Kitty and Buck’s Instagram challenge? Each month has a new color for you to instagram and hashtag with #kittyandbuckcolor. This month’s colour is white (which we all know is right up my alley!) so I have to get my butt into gear and submit an entry! (Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4)

Sunday Sessions: 01.12.13


LINE ONE /  Our resident baker and all round awesome lady, Miss Erika Rax recently shared these ah-mah-zing hand made geometric ornaments. If you love them as much as I can pop over to her blog and learn how to make some yourself!

LINE TWO / I am hunting for the perfect coloured baubles to make my own Colour Block Ornament Garland à la this awesome DIY from Sugar and Cloth - it would look so fab over my fireplace.

LINE THREE / Not really a Christmas-y project, but I’m loving these hand drawn gift tags by Evie from Handmade Romance. You could even make some Holiday themed ones to hang on your tree?

LINE FOUR / This Nutcracker Wrapping paper from Handmade Charlotte is so adorable! I’m thinking this will be perfect to wrap gifts for the little ones in my life.

Sunday Sessions: 17.11.13

Sunday Sessions: A weekly link round up from

LINE ONE /  Korean artist Jieun Park’s paintings look like bold abstract brushstrokes at first glance, but once you take a closer look, beautiful cityscapes of famous cities like Paris or Hong Kong suddenly jump out at you! Have a look at the prints and originals available over on Saatchi Online, I’m totally lusting over one to hang over my mantle.

LINE TWO /  My lovely friend Daria of Kittenhood has opened a store on Society 6 selling her wonderful illustrations as prints, phone covers, canvas’ and my favourite (as you may have guessed) tote bags! The veggie one is my fave :) Perfect for grocery shopping!

LINE THREE / As someone who adores random ‘holidays’, the chalkboard lettered ‘Calendar of Silly Holidays‘ by Brooklyn based art/design studio Dirty Bandits is definitely going on my Christmas wish list this year!

LINE FOUR / Giddy for this Moonrise Kingdom illustration by Muti from publication Little White Lies (spotted on Pinterest).

Sunday Sessions: 27.10.13


LINE ONE /  Of all the awesome Halloween DIY’s that have been floating around the last couple of weeks, these Origami Ghost Boxes from Mr Printables is definitely my favourite! So perfectly simple and effective! I love it!

LINE TWO / Adorable as they are, Blyth Dolls have never been up my alley, however I am totally captivated by Flickr user  I.G. (Sirenita)‘s custom painted sugar skull dolls. I can’t stop staring at them, they are just so amazingly beautiful.

LINE THREE /  JW Ocker lives with two skeletons. He bought one for Halloween last year and they became fast friends. This year he added a second boney friend to the family and he and his wife have been documenting their every-day adventures. Now I want to live with a skeleton.

LINE FOUR / Halloween Sugar Cookies. Whats not to love?

Sunday Sessions: 20.10.13

Sunday Sessions: A round up of autumn links |

LINE ONE /  Loving ‘Folks of October’ - the adorable and super clever collection of product photos for clothing label Samuji. Each set has its own (invisible) personality and I adore it!

LINE TWO / Aw! How sweet and lovely are these DIY Embroidered Leaf Animals from Handmade Charlotte? I think I’d be way too clumsy to sew a dried leaf without breaking it into a million pieces!

LINE THREE / Uh…what? You can bake a cake inside a pumpkin? What? WHAT?! Why wasn’t I told this sooner??

LINE FOUR / Whoops! Another Leaf DIY? Well, how could I resist this leaf garland by Alisa Burke? The stripes and  spots just look so awesome on the string of leaves!

Sunday Sessions: 13.10.13

Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of awesome links |

LINE ONE / Whilst perhaps a little out of my price range, I’m totally into these “Painted Ladies” -   a series of bags by Julia Gabriel based on San Francisco’s famous row of coloured houses. Each bag is currently up for grabs over HERE!

LINE TWO / Making my mouth water this week are a collection of photographic prints by Emily BlIncoe. Each print depicts a collection of candies in a each colour of the rainbow; green, orange, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink and even black , white, and gold! You can see (and purchase) the full series over at her etsy store. Man I need a sugar hit after looking at these!

LINE THREE / Turns out balloons and fishing wire are all you need to make a pretty chandelier in your home! I especially love this idea when using those awesome marbled balloons! Check out the full instructions right here on Julep.

LINE FOUR / Wow-wow-wow-wow! My love for geometric anything is no secret, but there is so much more depth, movement, and light in each of Shannon Finley’s acrylic paintings than I have ever seen before!

Sunday Sessions: 06.10.13


LINE ONE / Check out this amazing kitchen in Barcelona serving up the most delectable looking donuts I have ever seen (and their clever display)

LINE TWO / This week I discovered the beautiful prints and Dala horse jewelry pieces from Coco Lapine. I can scarcely choose a favourite!

LINE THREE / Waffles have never looked as good as they do in designlovefest‘s recipe for Coffee Waffles! YUM!

LINE FOUR / I really want to invest in one of these one-of-a-kind Nena & Co  bags. Each is made from the traditional clothes of Maya families transformed into these vibrant beauties!

Sunday Sessions: 29.09.13


LINE ONE / These coins are so brilliant, I wish that normal currency were as colourful and fun as these painted pieces! “Tales You Lose” was conceived on  Andre Levy’s (a.k.a. @zhion) Instagram, but now you can find all the pieces on his tumblr page.

LINE TWO / Kokeshi matches are so adorable that they almost keep you from wanting to use them! Each has a teeny little face, matching that of the box. I want a whole set of them - but then what would I do with them if I can’t light them?!

LINE THREE / While on one of my tumblr tangents I came across 19 year old Liz’s awesome collection of Tilt Shift photos. Made from stills from movies and TV shows like Supernatural, Sherlock and The Avengers, the tilt shift affect makes them look like perfect little models of towns.

LINE FOUR / American artist Amy Santoferraro creates quirky bonsai-esqe scenes assembled from thrift shopped bits n’ pieces. Growing bonsai’s seems hard, but with one of these, you would never have to worry about killing the poor plant!