Sunday Sessions: 15.09.13

Sunday Sessions: A Weekly List of Awesome things |

ONE / Oh. My God. Is it a coffee table birdcage or is it a bird cage coffee table?  I’m not entirely sure, but either way I am SO smitten with the idea from Gregory Lafforest. Sure, you  would have to clean it out every other day to keep it this beautiful, but c’mon - like you wouldn’t feel like a disney princess with little birds serenading you while you enjoyed your coffee.

TWO / When I was a child, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with pottery.   I would make little clay animals kind of like these puppies by  Berlin / Stockholm based artist Eleonor Boström. I love the quirky and raw finish on each piece, it invokes warm memories of my messy, clay filled, afternoons of my childhood.

THREE / It’s a well known fact that all photos look better in black and white, but French photographer Benoit Courti has taken this concept to a whole new level. The striking contrast between the bold light and dark in each image. You can follow his stunning photo series on FlickrTumblr, and on his website, definitely worth a close look!

FOURWintervacht is small Dutch company that makes coats from old woolen blankets; how great is that?! I bet each coat is so lovely and cozy, like someone had pre-worn each one in for you before you purchased it.

Sunday Sessions: 08.09.13

Sunday Sessions: Quirky Cool |

LINE ONE / Ahh this is awesome! Illustrator Mica Angela Hendricks released a series of wonderful drawings where she illustrates the face and her 4-year-old daughter adds the body, with creative results.

LINE TWO / Ummm… hello there shiny lovelies! These Balenciaga leggings kind of look like sexy transformer legs and I’m totally into it! But at US$100,000 a pair, I think I’ll have to hope for some cheap re-productions!

LINE THREE / Brighton-based photographer, Joseph Ford joined forces with art director Stephanie Buisseret and stylist Mario Faundez and came up with this amazing photo series pairing aerial landscape photography and the detailed fashion photos creating a seamless single picture. These really have to be seen in their entirety to appreciate the full impact!

LINE FOUR / Titled ‘Segundas Pieles‘ (Second Skins), this series of animals by Miguel Vallinas takes the ol’ animals in clothes idea and adds a little extra something. Each animal’s styling and posture perfectly portrays a whole personality in a way I haven’t seen before. In short, I love them!

Sunday Sessions: 01.09.13


LINE ONE: These upstyles are lovely, but what makes them really special is the models; meet Guys with Fancy Lady Hair, a collection of women’s  hair styles modeled by some handsome gents with lovely long locks, that frankly make me a little jealous!

LINE TWO: Umm… where can I get one of these flippin awesome  SLR Gun Holder‘s? As someone who always seems to get my hair tangled in the camera strap, this is pretty much the best idea I’ve ever seen! Plus, I would love to feel like a gunslinger every time I whipped out my camera.

LINE THREE: Take a look at this simple yet stunning DIY to make Yarn Banners. Who would have thought such a simple idea would be so striking!

LINE FOUR:  Speaking of clever DIY’s using yarn,  I never realised that you could make Animal faces from Pom Poms! How do people work out brilliant tricks like this?

Sunday Sessions: 14.07.13

Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of great things found by

LINE ONE/ Stumbled across this lovely DIY project on the Etsy blog; I would have never thought of embroidering my headphones! Definitely have to give it a try sometime.

LINE TWO/ I came across Happy Socks ages ago and bookmarked their website to come back to later but totally forgot until this week! How great are these patterned tights! Totally in love.

LINE THREE/ I just discover that Pam Wishbow has phone covers in her Redbubble store! I love all of them!!

 LINE FOUR/ Prepare to be mesmerized by this beautiful video shot over a period of two years. ‘Adrift‘ is “a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area” and is hauntingly beautiful.

Sunday Sessions: 30.06.13

Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of wonderful things |

LINE ONE/ Mesmerized by this gif set on tumblr from Photojojo showing how the Face Changes With Shifting A Light Source (As spotted in the music video for Opale’s Sparkles and Wine) Makes me re-think my lighting options when taking photos.

LINE TWO/ Something for your literary buffs; To celebrate George Orwell’s 110th birthday,  FRONT404 decorated several surveillance cameras with party hats in tribute to Orwell’s novel”1984″. The project aims to create public awareness of the omnipresence of surveillance by making these inconspicuous and often ignored cameras stand out. You can find out all about the project here.

LINE THREE/ Head over heels for these fantastic illustrations by Spencer Salbery (aka Hey Monster) of strong female characters depicted as patron saints. I can totally see myself praying to Buffy Summers - Our Lady of Protection or Liz Lemon - Our Lady of Having it All.

LINE FOUR/ I wont lie, Wildfox isn’t really my style, but their Clueless inspired lookbook really got me feeling the 90’s nostalgia! I’m in total need of a night of ice cream and cheesy teen flicks!

Sunday Sessions: 23.06.13

 Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of great things

LINE ONE/ Really loving this Dipped Polaroids DIY from the great blog the 52 Weeks Project. Such a clever idea to give Polaroids a little extra fun!

LINE TWO/ The Awesome Project  is a collection of beautiful porcelain goods designed and hand-decorated individually by creative duo illustrator Madalina Andronic & designer Claudiu Stefan. There are so many stunning bowls and vases, but my favourites are these incredible necklaces.

LINE THREE/ Check out these mixed media editorial pictures by Ben Giles for Kneon Magazine over at the Cargo Collective website.

LINE FOUR/ I just discovered the online design community Dottinghill where you can find a great selection of temporary tattoo designs. As someone who loves tattoos but has never been able to commit to a design, this is totally something I can use!

Sunday Sessions: 16.06.13

Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of great things

LINE ONE/French artist Mademoiselle Maurice  created these colourful installations from 30,000 folded components. She relied on help from school children and people living in nearby “leisure centers” to help complete all of the pieces and I have to say the results are stunning!

LINE TWO/ I would love to rock a quirky suitcase from Williams British Handmade the next time I go on holidays. Each item is produced by hand, with all stitching completed by hand! I can only imagine how confused the baggage handlers would be receiving these at the airport! 

LINE THREE/ I’m so digging these crazy Animal Socks from The White Pepper. I might even grab a pair of each style to make me giggle while they keep my feet warm this winter.

LINE FOUR/ These clever portraits from New York based artist Nathan Manire are so wonderful. When you look at them close up they seem to be simply a collection of pretty dots, but if you take a look from far away they suddenly form into shaded portraits. Either way you look at them they are beautiful!

Sunday Sessions: 09.06.13

Sunday Sessions -  A list of links for the week ending 09.06.13

LINE ONE/ Paris based artist Fabienne Rivory combines mirrored black and white photographs with touches of brightly-hued watercolours to create these dreamy images in her 2013 series, titled Miroir.  The best part us, she has prints available right here so you can have one on your wall at home!

LINE TWOdschwen‘s instagram feed is totally amazing, there are so many pictures I wanted to share, but really, how could I go past these teenage mutant limes?

LINE THREE/ If only these Harry Potter themed  PR books books designed by Amy Sly were available in real life! I can only imagine the amazing marketing strategies used by media managers in the wizarding world.

LINE FOURSugar and Cloth always has amazing DIY projects, but I’m totally in love with the tutorial  to make hanging diamond ornaments by contributor, Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co. Geometric anything will always win my heart!

Sunday Sessions: 02.06.13

Sunday Sessions; a round up of links from (02.06.13)

LINE ONE / When photographer Caroline Tran’s son Cameron turned one, she threw him an incredible 1960’s Manhattan themed birthday party complete with teeny fruit stand, temporary tattoo parlor and milkshake bar. I wish I had amazing parties like this when I was little (although I’ll admit the parties we had were just as much fun even without crazy themes) Check out the photo’s over at  On to Baby.

LINE TWO /  Super talented Japanese textile artist, Jung Jung knitted these amazing vegetables and flowers. They almost look good enough to eat!

LINE THREE / Designer George Bokhua created these delightfully simple and clever animal illustrations making great use of negative space. You can see more of his work over  on his Behance portfolio.

LINE FOUR / I really enjoyed this interesting  TEDx Teen Talk  from fifteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson about finding strong female, teenage role models.  She created an online community in Rookie, a web magazine for and by teen girls. So great to see someone so young having so much success.

Sunday Session: 26.05.13


LINE ONE: Soo Sunny Park’s chain-link fence installation, Unwoven Light, is completely mesmerizing. But you need to watch this documentary short by Walley Films to see the process and intent behind her imaginative, surreal artworks.

LINE TWO: I was browsing on Dribbble when I found this MailChimp Persona Project featuring a set of posters introducing their team through hand lettered portraits. Such a brilliant and unique design!

LINE THREE: Something about these handwritten photoshop statements from artist Emmy really resonates with me. Maybe I just wish my handwriting was as neat…

LINE FOUR: Check out these photos of the London Tweed Run from Cube & Park. I really hope to take part in the Tweed Run one day, it just seems like such a wonderful day out!