Sunday Sessions | 10.08.14


- I am so inspired by the styling on designlovefest‘s recent Holiday Cocktail post! I may have to start incorporating patterns into my photos from now on! These look amazing!

- Okay, so these probably win the award for the silliest idea, BUT these puppy models are totally selling these Pet Bandana’s from Urban Outfitters. What can I say? I cannot resist a well dressed puppy! (1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

- Can anyone honestly say that these fruit macaroons aren’t the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen? Props to Sugar & Cloth for such a clever (and cute) idea!

-  Hello Pattern is a collection of wonderful colored geometric patterns created by the illustrator Judy Kaufmann.  She is selling these patterns online along with the freedom to use them on whatever you like! The buyer of each pattern can apply it to whatever they like from paper to fabric, from wood to walls!


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