Sunday Sessions | 04.05.14


- My new hero is 27-year-old Spanish artist, Sandra Suárez. In  “365 Masks Project” she makes, wears and photographs creative and colorful masks every day and shares them on Instagram. I am in awe of her creativity!

- In honour of the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls, Buzzfeed asks: what if  Winnie the Pooh was actually Regina George? These strips are hilariously perfect!

- Everybody’s imaginary boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been animated to perfection by the amazingly talented artist, Carli Ihde. I just adore her style! Don’t you think an entire short film done in this style would be incredible?

- Students, Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa, and Linn Livijn Wexell have produced these clever “Not Available on the App Store” stickers as a friendly reminder that the most important things in life may not be on the App Store. You can purchase the stickers from their online store or you can make your own. I am so sticking these everywhere!

Sunday Sessions | 13.04.14


ONE / Ahhhh! Zoey and Jasper are probably the cutest thing ever! Photographer mum Grace Chon takes photos of her adorable family members in their matching outfits and I love it!

TWO / Holy Moly! Would you look at these embossed rolling pins by Vatek! Foxes, cats, dinosaurs and even personalized words! Don’t tell me that your friends wouldn’t be super impressed when you presented them with cookies with these patterns!

THREE /  EmojiNation by Nastya Nudnik combines iPod Emoji’s and works of art in a lovely subtle way, I would love to have one of these on my wall just to see how many people noticed the modern influence. 

FOUR / This is my new cacti background and I love it! Thanks Design Sponge!

Sunday Sessions | 06.04.14


- Upon discovering photos of The Giant Vintage Camera Cafe I suddenly feel the urge to go out for a coffee… brunch anyone?

- I saw the Lego movie on Friday night and it was AMAZING! Everybody needs to see this film, it is just SO hilarious and awesome!

- Look at these friggen adorable cat sweets! Not only are they super cute additions to your dessert plate, but they are entirely edible as well!

- After seeing one of their bags on designlovefest, I am totally smitten with Kertis and their line of beautiful leather products. Hello birthday wish-list!

Sunday Sessions | 30.03.14


- Kickstarter is one of my favourite places to find wonderful design, but this Manual Coffeemaker really takes the cake! The elegant design is so perfectly functional and beautiful, I’m seriously considering backing this - and I don’t even drink coffee!

-  If I had a packet of these smiley screws (from a project suitably entitled Screw :),) I would be constantly trying to find reasons to screw them into everything just so I could see their happy little faces!

- This edible floral cake from designlovefest is making me giddy! I don’t think I have ever seen a cake that is prettier! There is no way I could bring myself to eat this beauty.

- The brilliantly clever Brittni Mehlhoff (of Paper & Stitch) has done it again and come up with a brilliant DIY for Metallic Geometric planters  that you can do in just 5 minutes! You can see the whole project over at Curbly.

Sunday Session | 23.03.14


ONE / Wow-o-wow! I adore this Hanging Planter DIY from A Beautiful Mess. Who would have known plastic fish bowls could look so damn stylish?

TWO / This mini bagged lunch prank wouldn’t work on me because I love tiny things way too much! The teeny cookie is what makes this whole project for me.

THREE / These Disney Movie Posters by amazing illustrator Tom Whalen are so gorgeous! As much as I love the originals, can you imagine how awesome whole movies in this style would be?!

FOUR / Mokuyobi Threads have a whole range of awesome iron on merit badges (spotted over at Kittenhood). I suddenly feel the need to buy a denim jacket to rock these guys on, all 90’s style!

Sunday Sessions | 09.03.14


LINE ONE / Wow-o-wow! Would you look at these Painted Denim Shorts from Park & Cube! They look so awesome I really want to give this DIY a try!

LINE TWO / Any typography lovers like me will totally love the Do Not Open project by the crazy talented Erik Marinovich in which Erik beautifully illustrates your name and address on an envelope. Want!

LINE THREE / There is still time to back the amazing Alphabet Family Journal on Kickstarter! If you haven’t already, check out this beautiful project!

LINE FOUR / I spotted these images by Lula Aldunate on Honestly WTF and was totally mesmerized by the combinations of colours and patterns!

Sunday Sessions: 02.03.14


LINE ONE / As a lover of succulents and low mantience gardening, I really loved DesignLoveFest‘s guide to keeping house plants!

LINE TWO /  These magical Aura Chimes from Ladies & Gentleman Studio are made from leather, wood, ceramic and metal pieces - each one is unique!

LINE THREE / Strathcona Stockings are pretty much the best! Oh, how I wish that the pineapple patten were still available!

LINE FOUR / I’m totally hooked on The Tonight Show since Jimmy Fallon took over - His  lip sync battle with Paul Rudd was phenomenal!

100 Sunday Sessions!


You guys!! Today marks our 100th Sunday Sessions! That is 100 weeks of fun links to pretty photos, clever projects, talented artists, nifty DIY’s and a myriad of other awesome things!  To celebrate this milestone, I thought we’d take a look back on some of my favourites from the past 100 posts! Thanks for letting me share all the quirky and cool things that give me the warm and fuzzies!

+ My love for geometric anything  went into overdrive when we saw Shannon Finley’s acrylic paintings.

+  We lusted over the comfiest coats ever from Dutch company Wintervacht who make coats from old woollen blankets.

+ There was simultaneous giggling and envy over these stylish upstyles by Guys with Fancy Lady Hair, a collection of women’s  hair styles modelled by some handsome gents with lovely long locks!

+ We were digging Moda Operandi‘s line of faux fox and animal scarves  that look like a cross between a teddy bear and a traditional fur stole. 

+ We contemplated rocking one of these knitted wigs by Louise Walker in one of many fantastic pastel colours.

+ We were amazed by Californian artist Noel Cruz work where he repaints action figures and dolls to look like real life celebrities.

+ These photos were everywhere, but  nothing was quite as clever as the Pantone Tarts photo series that went around a while ago.

+ Possibly my favourite find, I still follow the adventure of Maddie the Coonhound and her love for standing on anything and everything.

+ We received words of wisdom for the internet generation from Chacho Pubela’s ‘Grandmother Tips‘ - including such gems as “Son, don’t just tweet for the sake of tweeting” and “I don’t think your a photographer just because you use instagram”

+ From one of our very first Sunday Sessions, we were mesmerized by the cinematic GIF’s by From Me to You!

Sunday Sessions | 16.02.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of links to awesome things | www.highwallsblog,com

LINE ONE /  This week I discovered the designer planter wonderland that is Light & Ladder! Totally crushing on the Hex Spora planters - obviously, I now desperately need about a million of them!

LINE TWO / Illustrator Alex Solis is creating an image for every day of February showcasing each letter of the alphabet in sign language accompanied by an illustration of an animal namesake. Adorable and super clever! You can check out the series on his blog or his instagram.

LINE THREE / Sick of being made to feel as though her life was lacking as an unmarried woman, photographer Suzanne Heintz created this wonderful project Life Once Removed where she crafted her own domestic bliss with the aid of a mannequin husband and daughter. ‘Perfect’ family indeed!

LINE FOUR / My wardrobe seems unbearably drab and boring now that I have discovered these amazing shoes from Irregular Choice. Are they ridiculous? Yes. Are they practical? Not at all. Do I want one of every style? Damn straight I do!!

Sunday Sessions: 09.02.14

Sunday Sessions: A weekly list of amazing links from

This week I have been obsessed…

LINE ONE / When this series of incredible cinematic GIFS came across my tumblr dashboard I was totally blown away. Showing New York through a pair of Armani glasses, the world comes in and out of focus as objects pass by the lens and the results are breathtaking! 

LINE TWO / Draining my phone battery playing Threes evey chance I get. It’s a clever and sometime tricky sliding puzzle game and I am totally hooked! Don’t worry, I’m terrible at math, you only need to be able to match numbers lol! (Img source)

LINE THREE / If you follow me on Twitter (or Tumblr), you’ve probably noticed that all I have been able to talk about recently is Veronica Mars (sorry, not sorry!) After not watching it when I had the chance 10 years ago I finally decided to give it a go and ended up completely and utterly obsessed! I can’t wait for the movie next month! (PS. Is it bad that I just want to watch it from the beginning, despite only finishing my first watch mere hours ago?)

LINE FOUR / Crushing on basically every thing in the online store Purple Fish Bowl. So many animals and art prints on clothes! Eeee! If only all my favourite items weren’t sold out!