Oh Etsy | Shiny Baubles


Put your hand up if you are easily distracted by shiny things. Don’t worry, me too! I often find myself side tracked by pretty baubles, especially the wearable kind! But when you look at beautiful designs like these, can you really blame me?

01 | Love this bold lines on this geometric gem ring from Fruit Bijoux.

02 | These herkimer diamond rings (by xuanqi) are the perfect marriage of rough and clean finishes.

03 | Nothing quite like a set of geometric silver bangles like these by FORMA Jewellery.

04 | All of the bracelets from Belle Accessories  are beautiful, but this gold honeycomb design is my fave!


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Oh Etsy | Dark & Moody


It’s late at night and I’ve started noticing that the later it gets, the more my Etsy browsing has slowly devolved into dark and moody picks. Moons and stars and dark patterns. There’s not even a full moon tonight so I can’t blame it on that! I don’t know what has brought on this bought of brooding browsing, but I’m totally into it.

1 | Crazy about this striking Landscape Painting by Studio. Zoe, which you can also buy as a print!

2 |  In lieu of  a real full moon, I could use this Trip to the Moon Sticker from Moonlight Fantasy

3 | My couch is screaming for this Maya Lumbar Support Pillow from Chanee Vijay Textiles to live on it forever.

4 | Everyone loves a good tote, but this Constellation Tote Bag by Sleepy Dreamer is just that little bit extra classy!

Oh Etsy | Sea Foam


 Clutch | Underwear | Photography Prints | Tiny Trees

Just a quick Oh Etsy collection for this week, inspired by sea foam green. It’s soft and subtle shade works so well with its slightly darker cousin turquoise as it does when paired with a nice clean white. Don’t all of these beautiful items just scream understated sophistication?


Don’t forget, you can browse these items and more like them over at our brand new curated Etsy Page!

High Walls now on Etsy Pages!

Every week I share a collection of my favourite finds from around Etsy. The online marketplace is one of my favourite places to while away the hours. So when Etsy introduced Etsy Pages I was pretty excited. The Pages are a place for tastemakers from around the world to collect their favourite finds that match their style and share them in curated lists for everyone to browse and shop.  It’s an awesome idea and  I am so thrilled to announce that High Walls is now amongst these tastemakers! Hooray!

I’ve been going back through old Oh Etsy posts and selecting the best of the best to add to my curated page, as well as a whole bunch of new finds! The usual Oh Etsy posts will still continue every week as before, except now- if you see something you like, you will be able to pop over to the High Walls page and shop expanded collections of similar finds, all curated by yours truly!

Guys, I’m super excited to be able to curate and share even MORE awesome Etsy finds every week! Jump over and check out the new page and if you have an Etsy account, why not give us a little follow? I promise you’ll love what we share!


Oh Etsy | Black Cats


My mother has always had certain superstitions that she abides by. No opening umbrellas inside. Never put new shoes on the table. I’ve subconsciously picked up a few of her beliefs along the way, but thankfully, black cats were always a-okay in our house. And I’m glad, because I never was able to resist the allure of glowing eyes against a furry little face. I mean, what could be unlucky about something so cute? What do you think? Are superstitions are a load of baloney, or is this post making you want to cross the street?

1 / This adorable skirt, suitably named “a LOT of cats” actually comes with a matching shirt! Cutest set ever!

2 / Speaking of furry faces, how could anyone resist this guy by Zyzanna? I can’t look at him in his glasses and tie for too long without breaking down into fits of giggles!

3 / You can practically feel the motion in this watercolor print by Color Watercolor - This kitty has places to be!

4 / Every good cat lover needs A Cat Hoard, and Faye Moorehouse has gotcha covered.

Oh Etsy | Green, White & Black


I’m not quite happy with this week’s DIY post yet, so instead I’ve decided to share our Oh Etsy collection a little early.  It’s a mixed bag this week, with a neat collection of green, white and black items. I’m not the biggest fan of green generally, but shades of these aqua and turquoise are right up my alley. Paired with black and white tones? Perfection!

1 | Drooling over this Mint & Grey Necklace from Jull Made!

2 | This Floral Triangles Purse by All is Yay has everything I want: geometric shapes and bold prints.

3 | Simple and striking:  ‘Winter Landscape’ Plate by Jude Allman

4 | Words to live by on this ‘Go With the Flow’ Print by Sweet Peony Press

Oh Etsy | Blue China

Oh Etsy: A collection of Etsy finds inspired by Blue China | www.highwallsblog.com

This week I made an awesome discovery in the form of a store selling imitation blue china on sale. Blue china has a timeless quality, so much so that even imitation or blue china inspired designs always seem so striking and a little bit classy. I bought a whole set of pretty bowls (I’m sure you’ll spot them in future photo shoots) and now I have a craving for some more. It doesn;t even have to be actual china, how about these pretty blue china inspired pretties…

1 | I am obsessed with ColorZen. OBSESSED I tells ya! This amazing China Vase Watercolor Painting is a great introduction if you haven’t seen their stuff before!

2 | Who wouldn’t sleep like a queen (Or king) on this Pillow case from The Happy Seamstress?

3 | This perfectly faded Ocean Blue Ombre Clutch by Hettle has my name all over it!

4 | A lovely Vintage Teatowel like this one from Cake Number 9 would be very happy in my kitchen!

Oh Etsy | Pretty Things


Normally when I put together these collections, I end up choosing picks that fall under an overall theme. A colour or style to tie all the items together neatly. But that is all out the window  this week. This week I haven’t had anything in particular inspiring me. No themes or gimmicks. This week it’s just a few pretty things to brighten your day. And really, what’s not to love about that?

1 | We’ve recently talked about my love for planters, so it should come as no surprise that when I came across this Scalloped Pottery Planter  by Susan Simonini, I couldn’t help but share it.

2 | I’d love a daily greeting from a Pillow! Say ‘Hey’ to this cheerful pillow cover from Classic by Nature

3 | Don’t you just want to reach out at touch the combination of patterns and textures on this stunning Linen & Lace Clutch (by eclu)

4 | This Vintage Sewing Basket from Jarm Farm has me itching to take up sewing or embroidering.

Oh Etsy | Ice Cream Month

Celebrating Ice  Cream Month | www.highwallsblog.com

Did you know July is Ice Cream Month?

According to Wikipedia “National Ice Cream Month is celebrated each year in July in the United States. President Ronald Reagan designated July 1984 as National Ice Cream Month and July 14, 1984 as National Ice Cream Day… The designation has held up in the years since, publicized by ice cream manufacturers”

Well daaamn America. You have some bitchin’ holidays! I may be in Australia but I am totally jumping on this bandwagon! Let’s start our celebrations with my favourite ice-creamy picks from around Etsy. Be sure to stick around over the next few weeks for all of our Ice Cream Month celebrations.

1 | Joel Penkman is amazing. I have been lusting after his Fabs 2  print for so long. One day you will be mine!

2 | I adore this Icecream Van Model Kit from Finch and Four Acre!  I want Mr Softie to come live at my place.

3 | I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this Ice Cream Print by Old English Co before, but I don’t even care. That’s how much I love it!

4 | Perfect for any celebration is this Ice Cream card from Light & Co. Looks good enough to eat!

Oh Etsy | Planters for Everybody!

Pretty Planters from around Etsy - curated by www.highwallsblog.com

Planters are my new obsession. I have finally found a way to keep my succulents safe from the possums and that is either hanging planters or itty bitty window sill planters that I can rest on my kitchen window. Having a few around is making me crave more and more! I want planters in every shape, size and colour! Planters for ALL! (except those god damn possums. They get nothing.)

1 | Hanging Planter? Check. Totally adorable? Also Check. Give me this chevron pretty from Red Raven Studios!

2 | I can already visualize a wall in my home covered in wall hanging planters from L&M Studio

3 | Ohmygosh! Look at how cute this mini square planter is from Elizabeth Benotti. Love that colour!

4 | Oli’s Cupboard has so many adorable succulent planters, but this spikey number is by far my favourite!