Oh Etsy | 14.02.14


I appear to be a couple of days behind this week! Even though it’s Friday, I’m still on Wednesday time! Do you ever have those weeks? Weeks where time just seems to run away from you? Well, if like me, you are all out of wack, I have put together a collection of striking Etsy finds. They won’t help you keep track of the time, but they sure will keep your spirits high!

ONE /  Geometric shapes, stripes and bold colours: what’s not to love about this Handpainted Pendant from Flaneur’s Pocket

TWO / I can just see this pretty coloured triangles piece from Hoopsy Daisies up on my wall!

THREE / It’s almost as if Allisa Jacobs has manifested my love for washi tape into this wonderful business card holder.

FOUR / Ooh La La! I am so crazy about this print from Wisteria Paper!

Oh Etsy | A Home for Your Phone


If you’re anything like me, your phone is probably a permanent attachment to your body. It’s okay! You can admit it - how else can you check Twitter and Instagram every couple of hours? You need to keep up to date on everything, and your poor little phone gets tossed around from pocket to desktop to handbag to table. I feel bad for the little guy. What he needs is a fancy place to call home. Perhaps one of these Etsy treasures will give him somewhere to re-cooperate after a busy day at your side.

ONE / This simple and stylish  Docking Tray from Docksmith will look lovely on your table top (and could even accommodate your spare change!)

TWO / Or a contemporary Wooden Charging Station by Valliswood - complete with a pop of colour, perfect for your bedside table.

THREE / And my favourite - for the literary lovers; a Book Dock like this fantastic yellow Pride & Prejudice hardback from Uncommon & Nice

Oh Etsy | Vintage Blues

Etsy finds from www.highwallsblog.com

Would you just look at these Baby Blues! This week when I headed over to Etsy I tumbled down a rabbit hole of wonderful vintage pieces.  As my favourite picks all seemed to fall into various shades of blue, how could I not put them together in a pretty collection to share with you!


ONE / Loving this vintage perfection in the form of this 1940 Bullet Bra from Bless that Dress.

TWO / I would only want a vintage fan for its looks, so a lamp like this Vintage Upcylced Fan Light from Moments Through Time is the best of both worlds!

THREE / Enamel kitchenware like this Mid Century Enamel Kettle  from The Weekend Shop are just so pretty! Love enamel pieces!

FOUR / Wise words (well word) on this Hand painted Chill Sign from Owl & Otter. Sometimes we need to be reminded to do this!

Oh Etsy | 19.02.14

 The rain came down on my lovely clean washing today. Gah! I’d be angrier but I’m quite partial to rain clouds and drops. There’s just something about a cosy cloud print on a rainy day that feels so cosy.

ONE / Nothing like a striking minimalist print like this Rain & Cloud tea towel from Oelwein

TWO / I love the teeny raindrop cut out details on these Felt Coasters from Pygmy Cloud

THREE / I would love to receive my breakfast on this Cloud Tray also from Oelwein.

FOUR / Officially my favourite Etsy pick for 2014 - I simply adore this Cloud Bread Board from Snug Studio!

Oh Etsy | Valentines Day


Red and Pink are the unofficial colours of Valentines day so of course this week’s round up of pretty Etsy finds are made up from these shades…

ONE / Tulips are my favourite flowers so naturally I’m smitten with Mini Pink Paper Tulips from Squish n Chips

TWO / Love the loose feel of this red Knit Bracelet (or necklace depending on how you wear it) from Laika

THREE / Digging the combination of negative space and X’s that make up this  Heart Art Print by Mess Project

FOUR / Pretty little  hand painted Ring Plates with Hearts by Ross Lab, perfect for your delicate jewellery.

Oh Etsy: 05.02.14

Oh Etsy | A collection of beautiful Etsy finds from www.highwallsblog.com

This week’s Etsy finds have me craving candy with all their pastel shades…

ONE / Memanan has a whole range of different coloured and styled Crochet Diana Purses and I am in love with each and every one of them!

TWO / I’m all about this Pastel Mixed Beads Necklace from Kingston Jewelry. The combination of colours and textures is amaaazing!

THREE / As far a stamp sets go, this  Ice Cream Stamp Set from Japanese Rubber Stamps is pretty brilliant! Stacking up different colours for a multi scoop cone.

FOUR / This Jewel Soap Gift Set from Vice & Velevet are the most precious things, I don’t think I could even bring myself to use them! I would just prop them up on the sink and admire them.

Oh Etsy | 29.01.13


These days there seems to be no end to the variety of hand made wooden treasures. What is it about this humble textile that we just can’t get enough of? Is it the textured feel of the grain? Or perhaps it’s the delicate changes in shades and colour in each different cut?  maybe it’s simply the strong and solid feel of a good quality product? Whatever the reason, I am definitely on the bandwagon when it comes to this particular trend!

ONE / I can never go past a good wooden brooch. And what’s more perfect than this Mountain Brooch by Dianthusa?

TWO / I love the colours and peeks of woodgrain through the paint on the Cornflower Wooden Necklace by Anna Wiscombe.

THREE / These Geometric Puzzle Coasters by Ryon Design would probably distract me from actually drinking the beverages they held! I want a whole bunch of sets so that I could cover a whole table with them!

FOUR / Nothing says style more than Geometric Shelves and I’m totally crushing on this set from The 807!

Oh Etsy: 08.01.14

In my usual tradition, I have left buying a new calendar till well into the new year. I don’t know why I do this every time, but it does mean that I have the pick of the crop when it comes to beautiful designs! This year I’m really digging clean and simple designs to adorn my walls. I’ve narrowed it down to these beauties, but still open to suggestions. Tell me, have you found a great calendar design for 2014?

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Oh Etsy: 27.11.13


When it comes to Christmas cards, I get crazy obsessive about finding the ‘perfect’ designs. I despise most store bought cards, they always seem so boring and ugly to me. As soon as it nears December I start scouring the interwebs for the ‘perfect’ card design for that year. This year I got in early and found some great cards at some local markets, but that didn’t stop me from perusing some back up choices on Etsy…

ONE / It was hard to choose a favourite from their beautiful range of cards and stationary, but I finally decided on  Season’s Greetings as my favourite from Clap Clap Design.

TWO / Good South totally nailed it with this Happy Christmas card - simple perfection!

THREE / I adore the Calligraphy Merry Christmas card by Print Smitten, but you have to  check out their range of gift tags as well! So many great designs!

FOUR / Emm Dash Paper Co. brings us beautiful Holiday Stationary complete with lined envelopes. Love!

Oh Etsy: 20.11.13

Have you signed up to be a part of our Christmas Gift Swap? There’s still time! Already we have people from all corners of the world - I’m super excited to pair you up with other awesome folks and spread a little Christmas Cheer! To get you thinking about what kind of things you could send to your new Christmas pen pals, this week’s Oh Etsy collection are a few suggestions of little treasures that can fit into an envelope and ship across the sea!

ONE / Nothing is easier to post than a piece of art, and who wouldn’t love one of Elizabeth Mayville‘s Hair Art pieces? This ‘Top Knot’ print is probably my favourite if only because this is exactly how I wear my hair every day!

TWO / How about an adorably packaged Lip Balm and Bath Salts combo from Little Flower Soap Co?

THREE / Perhaps something a little more fitting with the Christmas theme, like a Linen Tree Ornament by All Things White, complete with little golden baubles!

 FOUR / Pop a couple sets of these adorable Wood Pals stickers from Nuukk in a card and away you go! You had me at ‘bird with a bow tie’…