oh Etsy… Yellow Edition

I’ve been really into yellow recently, I’m not sure why, maybe its because I have been trying to find a nice mustard cardigan and all I keep finding is pretty yellow items instead!

1.  I so do not need a new wallet but this Handmade Wallet from cottonpurr is so whimsical :)

2. Flower brooches are a new interest of mine, this lovely daisy looks like it wants to come home with me, don’t you think?
3. Isn’t this lamp AMAZING! I so wish I owned my house so I could put it up in my hallway.
4. I simply LOVE these Lambswool English Rose Fingerless Gloves and my hands have been getting cold….
5.  Such a sweet Yellow cardigan!

What do you think of my new format for oh etsy posts? Do you prefer individual photos and links or a group wrap up like this?

I’ll bet you were fooled by this fake diamond… Love it!
Oooooh pretty hair pin, I really need to wear more pretty hair accessories.
I love silhouette pictures :)
Awwww this hermit crab planter is adorable :)
What a lovely little birdy! So sweet!
I just adore big beautiful necklaces, and this one is stunning.

Oh Etsy…

I have found so many beautiful things on etsy recently, so much so that I have had to stop myself from looking because my pay was getting spent before I had even received it. Sometimes I  even need to keep my will power in check lol
Oh my gosh! This succulent necklace and ring from Woodland Belle are so amazing! Words cannot express how much I would love to rock either of these but I’d be so scared of ruining them, they look so wonderfully delicate!
This stunning terrarium necklace is also from Woodland Belle. I just love the teeny little mushrooms!
There are so many beautiful items in the Shlomit Ofir shop, including this lovely key necklace and…
This layered necklace. How I love layered necklaces!
I have been eying off this Victorian Floral ring from Mini Cyn for so long (among many other things in the shop). I’ve only managed to stop myself (apart from not being able to afford it) is that I’m holding out for a different colour stone heehee

I’ve been staying away from etsy as much as I can lately (trying to save my pennies) but as today was payday I got a little excited and started browsing again… never a good idea.
 This lovely little bear warms my heart :)
 This bunny has inspired me to look into some clay works for future jewelery lines. Its beautiful!
This bowl is Simply lovely.
I love hand drawn pendants, and this bunny is no exception.
 Eeee! I already have this orb necklace in my shopping cart! Too beautiful!
Who wouldn’t want a teeny tiny lantern around their neck? (You know, just in case the power goes out.)

Art for my wall

I’m on the hunt for some art pieces for my house. While I was in Barcelona I bought the loveliest print from a great art store I found. It was just too big to fit in my suitcase so I carried it around for the rest of my trip. Its was large and unyielding, and a HUGE pain to try and fit on as carry on every time we got on a train or flight, but I loved it so much it was totally worth the effort. I would constantly take it out of its plastic bag and tell my mum how fantastic I thought it was.

Unfortunately, it was one of the things that got destroyed in the fire whilst in transit so its no longer with me. Regardless, the whole experience wetted my appetite and inspired me to finally start that art collection I’ve so often dreamed about.

A couple of months ago I bought this clever print by Dean Trippe that combines two of my favourite things: Batman and Dr Who :) heehee! He also has done a second ‘comic cover’ featuring Superman, which I think could make a nice pair….

More recently I’ve been looking a some more ‘artsy’ prints, like the Jacqui Oakley Barn Owls print I posted about not long ago.
I spotted this lovely owl on Society 6 and immediately needed it as well. I know, I know. I always tend to gravitate to Owl related things, but I absolutely adore the colours in this print.

Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess posted about Charmaine Olivia‘s ‘Aiyana‘ print not too long ago, which I almost bought myself… but I then I fell in love with ‘Obidian’ (below). That hair is just so amazing in profile, I just must to have her!

I’m sure everyone has seen Julia Potts gorgeous artworks by now (if not, check out her etsy shop or her blog!) I have been after these two prints for a while now, but haven’t been able to get them yet as I couldn’t possibly just buy one and not the other!
 I regularly read Laura Bell’s blog, so how could I not want one of her wonderful hand stitched pieces for my wall?
Last but not least, I’ll have to save my pennies for one of these custom couple portraits done by tuesdaymourning! They are oh so simple and stylish, and so, so sweet!
 I love that there we have access to so many amazing artists all over the world. The internet really is a wonderful thing :)

Jacqui Oakley

Oh my! How I love these prints from Jacqui Oakley’s Etsy store. I’m trying to decide which ones I want to buy, its a very tough choice. I’m definitely buying the Barns Owls (above) It will look awesome above my desk. I love it more than words can say. Jacqui’s style is lovely. Her mastery of form and colour is superb.