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Free iPad & iPhone background from

Making phone backgrounds is one of my new favourite past time. There is something so satisfying about creating a design that you can gaze upon any time you check the time, get a message or feel the need to Instagram.  So here is a bold yet simple spots to adorn your favourite accessory.  Download for your iPhone or iPad; OR if you need a different size, leave me a comment! I’d be more than happy to make one for whatever phone you have.




Download this phone background from


Desktop Downloads by Mi+ed Design |

Mirta from Mi+Design has brought us yet another stylish desktop to adorn our screens with! I’ve been really digging the calming effect the blue has on me. Perhaps its the combination of such a chilled out hue and the fact that I just cant get enough of triangles! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be jealous! Just click the download button below and this baby is all yours!



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Desktop Downloads // Oh Christmas Tree!


As something that I look at multiple times a day, I was feeling a little let down by my phone’s Christmas spirit, or should I say, Lack-there-of! So I decided to whip up a couple of festive wallpapers to rectify the situation, and it wouldn’t have been very Christmassy of me not to share the festive designs with you lovely readers!




These downloads are for personal use only and NOT for re-distribution.
Please credit and link back to this post for downloading the wallpaper when sharing.
Thank You!

Desktop Downloads | Autumn Wallpaper

wallpaper-autumn DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER

Hi guys! I’m so happy to introduce you to our newest contributor, the amazing and talented Mirta of Mi+ed Design.

You may remember Mirta’s work from a previous Oh Etsy post. Mirta’s designs can be found on handmade notebooks, travel journals, pocket notebooks, sketchbooks, prints, wall art, mini card sets, hand printed illustrations, illustrated brooches, hand printed tea towels and more!

Mirta will be creating High Walls exclusive wallpapers for your desktop and digital devices, starting with this fabulous Autumn Wallpaper.  Download it for your desktop computer, iPad or iPhone!


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