Oh Etsy: 18.06.13

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Maybe its because of the nature documentaries the boyfriend and I have been watching, but today I’ve been thinking about whimsical woodland scenes. Nothing fancy, just grass, timber and flowers. Wednesday isn’t really a fancy kind of day anyway, so here are some simple pleasures to get you through to the second half of the week:

ONE/ You have to see all of the different styles of  Eco Statement Rings  from Mr Lentz, they are truly awe inspiring! Such perfect design you don’t see every day!

TWO/ These pretty Wildflower Envelope Sticker Seals from Pinkies Palace remind me of the beautiful illustrations one might find on vintage seed packets.

THREE/ I had a hard time choosing my favourite of  Peaches and Pebbles striking Silhouette Necklaces, but the  woodlen madien silhoutette won my heart in the end. (Also check out the teeny minature hobbit house necklaces - adorable!)

FOUR/ How great are the rolling colours and waves of this Landscape Watercolor print by Yao Cheng Design? The overall effect is somehow calming and serene.

Oh Etsy: 29.05.13


Like the rest of the world, I’ve been super excited for the new Netflix season of Arrested Development. My housemates and I have watched the original series so many times we practically know every episode by heart. We’re trying to ration out the new episodes, so we’ve only watched the first three. Have you been watching the new series? What do you think? (No spoilers!)

ONE/This Never Nude embroidery patch has been doing the rounds over the last couple of weeks, but look at it! No self respecting Arrested Development fan could go past this beauty! (“There are literally dozens of us! DOZENS!”)

TWO/ Rezatron‘s  limited edition Flying Stair Car Print is my pick of the bunch! The adorable portrait is just a perfect representation of everybody’s favourite dysfunctional family. (“I don’t care for Gob”)

THREE/Don’t tell me you wouldn’t love rocking a Bluth Company Stair Car brooch  on your daily errands.  Kate Rowland‘s store has a fantastic collection of engraved wooden pop culture pieces including Arrested Development (duh), Twin Peaks, Napoleon Dynamite and even Game of Thrones.  (“Her?”)

FOUR/ Lucky Jackson of  needs no introduction, her amazing 365 Lucky Days Project was understandably super popular. The original Buster piece is still available in her Etsy store (OMG) but even more exciting, to celebrate the release of Season 4, when you buy one Bluth (or Funke) get any other print from the shop Free! Just use code BANANASTAND at checkout. (“Heeey Brother.”)

FIVE/Last but not least, a fantastic Typography Print of possibly my favourite quote, ‘I’ve Made a Huge Mistake’.  Check out the Paper Chat store, there are so many great quote prints! (“COME ON!“)

Oh Etsy: 17.04.13

After my DIYing adventures took me into the kitchen, I’ve been feeling the want need to bring my kitchen in line with my new colour scheme. As always, I’m still loving the more neutral, muted tones, but now I’m leaning towards some lovely blues and greys.

ONE / Always a sucker for pretty linens (and geometric shapes!) These Natural Modern Dot Tea Towel from Manusmade are almost too classy for my house!

TWO / The teal inside of the Ceramic Heart mug from Ross Lab is what ultimately won me over. I don’t even use mugs all that often.

THREE/Definitely my favourite of this collection, I simply must have a Set of 4 Stoneware Pottery Bowls from Little Wren Pottery!

FOUR /What? Who doesn’t need a 1930’s French Bottle CarrierCultural Pollination knows what constitutes a kitchen essential…

Oh Etsy: 03.04.13

Is there anything more classic and chic than a bold red? I was cleaning out my wardrobe yesterday and realised, I just don’t wear enough reds. My closet is full of neutrals, blues and the occasional pop of colour, but almost no reds! What was I thinking? Time for some shopping me thinks…

ONE/ Stumbling upon this Red Cat Tank from Leah Reena Goren was both a blessing and a curse! I have seen Leah’s designs on Society 6 (I even featured a phone cover design here) but knowing that she also has clothing designs as well is twice as dangerous!

TWO/ The amazing photo completely sold me on this Accordion Pleated Skirt from Found it Great. Beautiful.

THREE/ There are so many great sets, but the vibrant red against the sky blue on these Vintage Flowers Ceramic Coasters  from The Tilissmo are what won me over!

FOUR/ The Rusted Orange Necklace from Jull Made is everything I want in a statement piece.

Oh Etsy: 13.03.13

 Oops! This week’s Etsy collection is a little late, but I would be amiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge St Patrick’s day on Saturday! While I am not Irish (I’m actually part Italian if you are asking), my best friend is actually from Ireland and I swear, St Paddy’s day may as well be a national holiday for her! She gets super into it and of course, as her best friend, I get to tag along on the fun.

I was going to share some silly leprechaun and pot of gold related items this week, but instead I decided to take another route and share some simply beautiful  Irish inspired treasures. I know I featured an item from Sweet Keetle a few weeks ago, but I’m so smitten with the teeny brooches I had to share this one as well. Actually, I have a feeling that I’ll be including some of the beautiful water colour prints from The Joy of Color and incredible vintage posters from Legal Miss Sunshine in the future (I spent a lot of time browsing and getting distracted from my theme in both stores!)

ONE / Irish Landscape Terrariam / Wee Green Spot /$48
TWO / Clover Art Print / The Joy of Color /$21
THREE /Botanical Engraving /Legal Miss Sunshine /$18
FOUR / Four Leaf Clover Brooch / Sweet Keetle /$12
FIVE  /Miniature Irish Cottage /Homespun Ireland /$25

Oh Etsy: 06.03.13

Oh Etsy Collection: Mauve (via www.highwallsblog.com)

Sometimes you just need to get a little girly and as we ease into the autumn months I’m starting to get a bit of a crush on shades of mauve. There’s something a little classic and lady like about it, whether it be the subtle blush shade of a Silk Fabric Flower Necklace or a darker mix like in this freaking amazing dress that I am totally in love with  Vintage Dress from Zwzzy! Or maybe your like me and you just can’t resist a teeny little Wooden House… (I wish I could find a life sized version to live in myself!)

ONE / Handmade Wooden House / A Needle in the Hay / $35
TWO / Vintage 1970’s DressZwzzy / $126
THREE / Silk Fabric Flower Necklace / Amblebee Creations / $17
FOUR / Handwoven Teatowel / Nutfield Weaver / $20
FIVE / Paper Roses / Manitas De Gato / $6

Oh Etsy: 13.02.13


 Generally I’m not the type of girl who wears hearts on my sleeve (see what I did there), but I couldn’t help but get in the mood for love with these  heart shaped treasures! In particular, I’m super obsessed with those teeny heart brooches from  Sweet Kettle - I want to get like, a billion and pin them to everything!

ONE / Valentines Card / Sadshop / $5
TWO/ Red Slipper Socks / Fizz Accessory / $16
THREE/ Super Small Red Heart Brooch / Sweet Kettle / $7
FOUR/ Valentine Necklace / Ho Kiou / $39
FIVE/ Grey Knit Boot Cuff /Heart Reflection / $35
SIX/ Valentines iPhone4 Case / Wrap All / $15.90

Oh Etsy: 06.02.13

Okay, so I know that we are in February already, so I’m a little late to the party with these calendars and diaries. I do this every year, I always forget to buy a new calendar or diary until its already January and then I spend ages trying to find the perfect one. Its always ends up being February before I have my calendar set up.  This year I ended up going with the fabulous Mi Goals diary, but all of these babies were up there on my short list. (Yes, I had a short list. I take this stuff seriously okay :P )

ONE / 2013 Calendar Typographic Poster - The Sun, It Shines / Spring Once More / $22
TWO / 2013 Cute Animals Calendar / Loopz / $15
THREE / 2013 Daily Planner Calendar in Dandelion / Julia Kostreva / $22
FOUR / 2013 Wall Calendar / Dozi / $22
FIVE / 2013 Desk Calendar Colors of the Year / Ruby Red Design Studio / $17
SIX / 2013 Pocket Planner -Teal Forest / Dozi / $11.50

oh Etsy: 26.12.12

New Years Eve is a night I always want to feel a little more special than a usual night out, and that inevitably leads me to glitter and gold. This time of year I start trawling the shops for something with a bit of shine and sparkle to ring in the new year in. It makes me wish that I was a little closer postage wise so I could rock out in some of these fabulous finds!

Oh Etsy: 22.12.12

A Etsy gift guide for that person who hasn’t been so good this year. Maybe it’s your little sister who steals your clothes. Maybe it’s your neighbor who lets their dog poop in your yard. Perhaps even, it’s a blogger who hasn’t been posting her ‘Oh Etsy‘ posts on time the last few weeks. Either way, here is a collection of last minute gift ideas for that person in your life who should really be finding a lump of coal in their stocking come Christmas day.

ONE/ Ombre Tights in Coal / BZR / $40
TWO/ Christmas Coal Soap / Prunella Soap / $6.50
THREE/ Diffusion - Black & White Photography / Ashes / $18
FOUR/ Charcoal Gray Canvas Lunch Bag / Overlap / $48
FIVE/ Geometric Statement Necklace / Julishland / $24
SIX/ Naughty Christmas Card / Branch & Olive Paper / $4.75