Okay, so I know that we are in February already, so I’m a little late to the party with these calendars and diaries. I do this every year, I always forget to buy a new calendar or diary until its already January and then I spend ages trying to find the perfect one. Its always ends up being February before I have my calendar set up.  This year I ended up going with the fabulous Mi Goals diary, but all of these babies were up there on my short list. (Yes, I had a short list. I take this stuff seriously okay :P )

ONE / 2013 Calendar Typographic Poster - The Sun, It Shines / Spring Once More / $22
TWO / 2013 Cute Animals Calendar / Loopz / $15
THREE / 2013 Daily Planner Calendar in Dandelion / Julia Kostreva / $22
FOUR / 2013 Wall Calendar / Dozi / $22
FIVE / 2013 Desk Calendar Colors of the Year / Ruby Red Design Studio / $17
SIX / 2013 Pocket Planner -Teal Forest / Dozi / $11.50

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  • hello! I just found your blog via your ad in Moorea’s sidebar - i loved your logo so much I had to click! I wanted to let you know that i think you site design is fantastic. it’s so visually appealing, clean and fresh, and i love all your graphics. i’m rarely a fan of blog designs, i think they can be cluttered and feel dated, but yours certainly does not! (of course you have lovely content too, that chili recipe looked *delicious*) kudos!