Sweater Cat

I’ve never been that person to dress my animals up in clothes. This is less about my wants and more about my pets being stubbornly opposed to having any kind of anything wrapped around them. That said, I decided to give it a try with Loki.

Being a Devon Rex, he is a little lacking in the fur department. Poor little guy gets so cold during winter. He basically doesn’t get out from under my blanket for the whole season!

I didn’t think he would be too happy about his new snazzy sweater, but after getting used to it, he is now the happiest warmest kitten in the world! As an added bonus, he gets super placid and cuddly when he wears it, which is always fun for me as he can usually be a big hyperactive! Everybody wins!

Presents for Loki

Loki received a treat today: Cat Grass! (Aren’t I a good mum?) I randomly found it at the markets today and although I wasn’t sure if he’d like it or not, I figured for $5.00; he eats everything else - there’s a fair chance he’ll eat this too. I took the chance.
Took him about a minute to decide it was a good snack *phew!* I’ve never had cat grass before but I hear its good for indoor cats to give them added nutrients that they would normally get outside and for helping with their digestive system. There doesn’t seem to be any concrete information to say whether grass is needed or beneficial for cats, but  I’d rather Loki eat something harmless like grass than his usual snack of cords and sticky tape.

I split the bunch into two pots. My plan is to have one outside and one inside so I can alternate them when he eats it all and give the grass a chance to grow back. Have any of you tried cat grass or any of the cat related plants? What about catnip? Does it make your kitties go hyper? I’d love to get Loki some, but I shudder to think of him even MORE crazy than he already is!

Do the Loki-motion with me

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my little pain in the butt recently, so I thought I’d answer a few questions and give you some info on the smallest, furriest man in my life…

I’ve always had lots of pets throughout my childhood, so when I moved out of home and into a rented house that didn’t allow pets, I really missed having some furry critters to come home too (housemates don’t count). So I devised a brilliant plan to get a pet. A hairless cat, I reasoned, would be a great selling point for low impact pets. I won my debate with the landlord to let me have a cat. It went something like “Can we have a cat?” “A cat?…. Sure. Just make sure you get the carpets cleaned before you move out”. Yeah. It was an epic argument, that’s for sure.

So, trust me, I chose the most expensive breed and had to drive 3 hours out of the city to get my cat. But that’s another story for another time.

I love love LOVE Loki. He is the most adorable, psycho, brilliant, stupid, hyperactive, stubborn and affectionate cat I have ever had. Sometimes all at the same time.

Funny Traits:
~ He hates closed doors. If a door is closed he needs to be on the other side of it. If you don’t latch the bathroom door, he will push it open and join you.
~ Loki loves cardboard. No Really, he has two cardboard boxes and he LOVES them! He rips them up and bits peices off and eats them. We have to watch him because he loves sticky tape just as much.
~ He’s gotten better, but when we first got him the damn cat ate everything! We went through three Wii Sensor bars after he ate the cords, I lost straps from my singlets, anything small enough to eat or chew on was lost.
~”Speaking” to us. Especially when he’s getting comfy he lets out these little chirp noises. Also, he has the loudest purr in the world. It’s hilarious.
Where did his name come from?
Honestly? It was just a name that I liked. If you want to get into the History behind the name, I know the name from one of three places:
1. Loki is the Norse God of Fire and Mischief, the latter actually being quite fitting for my cat.
2. The Comic book series Thor - Loki is the adopted brother of Thor and eventually his nemesis.
3. The movie Dogma - Loki is one of the two fallen angels who have taken it upon themselves to rid the world of ‘evil doers’
For me, it was one of the names that I liked for a cat when we got him, but it was more my backup name. After 2 days, it became evident that no other name we could think of really suited him, so Loki kind of won by default. I have no regrets though ;)
What kind of breed is Loki? Is he a Siamese?
Loki is a Devon Rex, kind of in the same family as a Spinx in that he has barely there fur. He is by no mean’s hairless, but the the fur that he does have is just ‘down’ fur or an undercoat. Its actually SUPER soft, and he does gets ‘shaggy’ in winter  - by which I mean his hair gets long enough for him to almost look like a regular cat, but it can be patchy and it has this fantastic curl to it. Loki has the Siamese colouring (making him whats called a Si Rex). During this time he does malt a bit, but still much less than a regular cat does.
I want to get a Devon Rex, are they good pets?
My advice about Devon Rex’s is, aside from costing from about $600-$700, they can be high maintenance. Loki is very self sufficient as most cats are, but he loves to be around people and he hates to be left alone. To this end he will cry outside the bathroom door if you leave him alone outside the room you’re in. He is prone to demanding attention, and will follow you around crying until he gets fed (and I mean relentlessly). They have a lot of energy and can be destructive, so toys and scratching posts are a must.
All of that said, they are super affectionate and loves pats and scratches. Loki curls up on mine or the boyfriend’s lap every night when we sit down to watch tv. They are really smart and can be taught tricks like you would a dog. Loki knows how to sit, and knows he has to sit down neatly before he will get his dinner every night.
They have loads of personality and will keep you entertained for hours. They love to get into any space that can hold them so shelves, boxes and drawers will be regular hiding places. They also love to be the highest point in the room and will go to great lengths to climb even people (they are known for sitting on peoples shoulders).
These are all just my experiences with the breed, you might have your own opinions. Either way, I love the breed and my little guy :)
More information about Devon Rex’s:

Hide-and-Go-Seek Champion

I had intended to post about my ‘Cake in a Jar’ Debacle today, but managed to pull a muscle or something in my back and sitting at the computer kind of hurts so I’ll have to make this quick. I just wanted to share a story of something that happened:

Today was cold. REALLY Cold. I managed to escape relatively unscathed as I was in my warm office all day but the poor boyfriend and kitten were at home all day and our house is notorious for keeping the cold IN! To make matters worse for Loki, boyfriend had washed the bed sheets today so the little kitten had nowhere to cocoon himself all day to stay warm.

This is how I found my room when I got home:

Nothing to interesting you might think? So did I. That was until my folded up tracksuit pants started moving….
Yes. That’s right. Loki had found the one place in my room that could house him and therefore keep him warm and he was toasty warm under there. I don’t know how he got himself so perfectly hidden under there but I was truly impressed with his hide-and-go-seek skills!
Sorry about the shotty pictures, I had to snap them quickly before he was too disturbed and ran away. Cake Stories tomorrow!

I had to share this because I love it so much (I even kind of want to order a second one already!) If you are a regular reader of A Beautiful Mess you may remember the portrait stamp Elsie used for her wedding stationary. Enchanted by her gorgeous stamp, I had to check out Kozue’s etsy store and was thrilled to see not only does she create AMAZING portrait stamps, she also does pet portraits as well! Naturally, I just had to get a little Loki stamp. Below is the picture I sent and some of the stamp itself.
I love it so much, I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been stamping little Loki’s all over the place since I received it in the mail a few days ago. It wasn’t just an impulse buy, I am going to put it to good use. You may have noticed yesterday, but I’m stamping my new business cards with it. I cant wait to have orders to send out so I can stamp them as well :)

Loki: 1, Dani: 0

There is a running argument in my house (and when I say argument, I mean I complain about it on a daily basis and the boys just kind of roll their eyes and occasionally reiterate their disagreement - something which they have already stated about a million times). Loki loves everybody else more than me.

Okay, well that’s probably not true, but he definitely loves my boyfriend more than me. Its infuriating! I love that stupid pest of a cat so much, not to mention the INSANE amount of money I spent on him (because I just had to have a devon rex) and the damn cat decides that he actually prefers the person who until we got Loki, didn’t even like cats! If we are sitting on the couch in the evenings, Loki will climb over me (usually ensuring that he steps all over my laptop on his way) to get to my boyfriend and curl himself up on him in the cutest way possible. Regardless of if there is actually space for him. Its sickening.

I’ll admit, my outrage is fueled more by pangs of jealously than actual ill feelings towards those two getting along. I secretly find it adorable.

Anyway, this said, Something has started happening every time I sit down… I’ll sit down for ‘just a minute’ to check my email or bank balance or something that I intend to only take 2 minutes before continuing on with whatever I am actually trying to achieve, and this happens:

Right now I was going to go and sort out the spare room, maybe tidy up a bit? Apparently not. How am I supposed to contend with cuteness of this magnitude? I try to move him and he makes squeaky little sad noises and curls himself further into a ball!

I think I’m losing this battle… but at least he loves me?