Loki: 1, Dani: 0

There is a running argument in my house (and when I say argument, I mean I complain about it on a daily basis and the boys just kind of roll their eyes and occasionally reiterate their disagreement - something which they have already stated about a million times). Loki loves everybody else more than me.

Okay, well that’s probably not true, but he definitely loves my boyfriend more than me. Its infuriating! I love that stupid pest of a cat so much, not to mention the INSANE amount of money I spent on him (because I just had to have a devon rex) and the damn cat decides that he actually prefers the person who until we got Loki, didn’t even like cats! If we are sitting on the couch in the evenings, Loki will climb over me (usually ensuring that he steps all over my laptop on his way) to get to my boyfriend and curl himself up on him in the cutest way possible. Regardless of if there is actually space for him. Its sickening.

I’ll admit, my outrage is fueled more by pangs of jealously than actual ill feelings towards those two getting along. I secretly find it adorable.

Anyway, this said, Something has started happening every time I sit down… I’ll sit down for ‘just a minute’ to check my email or bank balance or something that I intend to only take 2 minutes before continuing on with whatever I am actually trying to achieve, and this happens:

Right now I was going to go and sort out the spare room, maybe tidy up a bit? Apparently not. How am I supposed to contend with cuteness of this magnitude? I try to move him and he makes squeaky little sad noises and curls himself further into a ball!

I think I’m losing this battle… but at least he loves me?
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