Design Crush: Pana Objects


Sometimes all you need is a simple, clever design to get you through the day. (Okay, you always need simple and clever design, but let me get to my point…) Thailand based company Pana Objects is a humble little brand who aim to reintroduce the subject of woodworking and craftsmanship back into the modern life with their own unique take on ‘simple and clever’. The small group of designs have created a whole collection of stylish pieces, ranging from household items and decorative products, to stationery and storage designs.

 The smooth textures and clean lines featured throughout their range of products are right up my alley. Whether you’re like me and are completely enamored with tiny wooden caps for your iPhone charger in the shape of buildings and trees, or maybe you are looking for a modern take on desk organisation. Take a minute to visit the Pana Objects website and take a look at the whole collection. I promise you wont be disappointed!


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