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May 20, 2013

hashtag-blackandwhite1(img source )

I’ve recently taken to browsing hashtags on Instagram. As much as Instagram can be full of selfies and re-posted memes, there are also some amazing artists and photographers who have created an art form through the lens of their smart phones. With the simplest of words, a quick hashtag search gives you a ready made collected of themed images. I thought I would share some of my favourites I have found. While it can be argued that taking a photo in black and white makes everything look better, the hashtag #blackandwhite really does have some striking images. What do you think? Do you ever go hashtag browsing?


Design Crush: Pana Objects

April 8, 2013


Sometimes all you need is a simple, clever design to get you through the day. (Okay, you always need simple and clever design, but let me get to my point…) Thailand based company Pana Objects is a humble little brand who aim to reintroduce the subject of woodworking and craftsmanship back into the modern life with their own unique take on ‘simple and clever’. The small group of designs have created a whole collection of stylish pieces, ranging from household items and decorative products, to stationery and storage designs.

 The smooth textures and clean lines featured throughout their range of products are right up my alley. Whether you’re like me and are completely enamored with tiny wooden caps for your iPhone charger in the shape of buildings and trees, or maybe you are looking for a modern take on desk organisation. Take a minute to visit the Pana Objects website and take a look at the whole collection. I promise you wont be disappointed!


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Pirates & Zombies!

December 3, 2012

If you were to ask me to name my favourite Australian illustrator, (and what a great question, thank you for asking!) the answer would without reservation be Lauren Carney. My love for Lauren’s whimsical and adorable illustrations has been well documented on this blog, so, to say that I was excited when Lauren recently contacted me to collaborate, would be the understatement of the year!

If you’re not familiar with her work, Lauren’s illustrations are mostly a combination of traditional pen and ink drawings which are then brought to life through Photoshop colouring. The multi-talented lady not only has an amazing portfolio of illustrated prints, but also a fabulous range of printed tee’s, brooches (like this one), wrapping paper, printed stationary, cards, and the most adorable concept I’ve ever seen – clothespin dolls!

Lauren asked me if I would be interested in reviewing  her newest collection of clothespin dolls; Zombies and Pirates! Uh… Hellooooo! Of course I would! Is a duck Catholic?!… wait…. that’s not right. Anyway, My answer was obviously yes!
Without being totally biased here, but I absolutely adore these little guys! The afternoon I received them I spent a good hour using the dolls as puppets to harass my housemates, spurting pirate clichés and making zombie noises. Once I’d gotten that out of my system I then wandered around the house tying the lines to random items in an attempt to find the perfect place to display them, simultaneously ensuring that I was completely in everyone’s way. “Oh you’re trying to cook dinner? Sorry, I need to string these Pirates above the oven top – excuse me!” (I’m the best housemate ever.)

I did finally find the perfect (and in hindsight, most obvious) spot to hang them; over my bed. Good thing my boyfriend likes them as much as I do! A couple of those rascally pirates made a break for it and spent a few days sailing the seven seas of my bookshelves, in search of distant lands. Although my cat’s insistence on eating anything made of paper or cardboard meant that I eventually had to round them up and return them to the safety of clothes line after I discovered him batting them around the floor on more than one occasion.

Now they hang above my bed, making me smile whenever I walk in the room. With one exception, one of the zombie ladies has been helping me keep my place in a book I’m reading. Zombie’s love brains; and I think she’s trying to fatten mine up…

Now that you’re in love with Lauren like me, go check her out!

Birthday Wish List Revisted (Part 1)

June 19, 2012

Never let it be said that I don’t share things I truly love with you guys! If you’ve been reading kittenbear for a while, you may remember last year I shared my birthday wish list full of wooden beauties. While I didn’t receive any of said items last year, I thought I would revisit this list as a few months on, I have managed to secure a few on my own…

The first treasure from my list is the brooch by the ever so talented Lauren Carney. My love affair with Ms Carney’s work has been mentioned again and again and again on this blog. I had been lusting after the Shiphead Wooden Brooch ever since I missed out on getting one at Finders Keepers last year. I had it sitting in my Etsy shopping cart, just waiting for the day that I would treat myself to it. Of course, something as lovely as this didn’t stay in there for long and one day I logged in to find the dreaded message ‘Darn! This item can’t be purchased right now.‘ In a flurry of panic I sped over to the wonderful Made by White website where I had seen some of her brooches in stock previously and snapped one up as quick as I could!

When it arrived (in the cutest packaging ever!) I have to admit… I’m not really sure why I didn’t purchase it sooner! It is beautiful quality and the quirky illustration never fails to start and conversation (and gain me some lovely compliments) whenever I wear it. I’m so very tempted to get the Rabbit Mask Brooch and make it a set. My favourite thing about this brooch is that it upon first glance it comes across as a simple, elegant brooch but when you look at it properly you see that it actually is much more interesting and whimsical than you ever realised!


June 11, 2012

As I have mentioned before, I was always an Android girl when it comes to phones and technology devices. However, after receiving an iPad for Christmas I decided to give an iPhone a go mainly to be able to sync the two devices together. Now that I am apart of the i-generation, I have to admit I am enjoying all the different services people have created for apple devices.

Poolga is my latest find. According to their website Poolga was created when “Frustrated by the lack of credible digital wallpapers out there, we struck upon the idea of showcasing established and up-and-coming illustrators by distributing their work for use on mobile devices.” True to their word, there is a proverbial gold mine of fantastic illustrations and images designed just for iPhones and iPads. I currently have a design by themeekshall on my phone (and if I’m honest I have a few others saved for later as well) Even if you aren’t an iPhone user it’s definitely worth a look if only to discover some of the talented artists showcased!

Beautiful Instagrams

May 8, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I became the new owner of a iPhone 4. While I’ve always been an android girl, I was offered a sweet deal on the phone and considering I have an iPad, I wanted to be able to sync the two together. One of my favourite things about my new phone is finally being able to have a go at instagram. My account isn’t too interesting at the moment, but I have found some fantastic instagrammers to follow. This photo stream in particular is my favourite, the photos are so mouthwatering and well shot. I love seeing snapshots into other peoples lives- especially when those snapshots are so delectable.

September 7, 2011

It’s my birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll admit, I’ve been ‘window shopping’ online even more than usual. I always want stuff from Etsy, but if anyone wants to buy me this amazing wooden camera I promise we’ll be best friends forever!…. No? Aww man. How about one of these lovelies:

1. These Mahogany Sunglasses. I’ve shared Tumbleweeds  before, but I still love their amazing glasses!
2. Polaroid Brooch. Need I say anymore?
3. Loooooove tiny cutlery jewelry like this adorable spoon necklace.
4. I think everyone is well aware of my love for the lovely Lauren Carney’s work. 
5. This 3D Screen Test Necklace,also by bRainbow Shop, is frickin adorable! Want!
6. I’d love this little Whistle Necklace so I can order my housemates around heehee

Anyone…? ;)

Amazing Artists: Sandra Dieckmann

August 15, 2011

Sandra Dieckmann is a gorgeous German woman living in London making positively lovely and amazing illustrations which I just discovered and am consequently in love with. Her use of colour, shapes and textures work together in such beautiful harmony. I love how she draws her animals; both realistic and stylized. Eeeee! Love!
If you love her works as much as I do, you can find her (or buy her lovely works - like I think I’m going to!) from the following places:

Finders Keepers (Part 2)

July 5, 2011

 Artists of the above items (Counter clockwise) Herbert & Friends, lalaland, Lauren Carney, Able & Game, Sarah McNeil, Pannikin and Madz has Runaway.

Continuing from my adventures at Finders Keepers, I thought I’d share my haul from the day. I thought I’d be really clever and arrange my items neatly. Well Loki decided he wanted to be arranged neatly as well.So many goodies its hard to narrow down my favourites, but I’ll do my very best:

~ Pannikin painting and badge - Are you jealous of my awesome little hipster bird? Yeah. I know you are ;) He is hand painted by the lovely Pannikin. I loved him the moment I saw him! That blue is such a fantastic colour as well, there was no way I was going to leave him there. And then I saw the little screen printed robot badge and couldn’t resist. Who can resist a sweet robot?
(PS. The little goat badges are by Madz has Runaway, I couldn’t choose which colour to get so I got them both heehee! I think they look swell as a set anyways!)~ Sarah McNeil Prints - When I saw these prints I thought they looked familiar, but I didn’t realize that I had actually featured Sarah McNeil’s pet portraits in a previous Oh Etsy. I’m really looking forward to getting these prints framed and up on my wall :)

~ Robin the Racoon by Herbert & Friends - I’d like to introduce you guys to my new friend Robin. I’m such a sucker for handmade toys with their own personalities and back stories, not to mention my soft spot for racoons. (I have to admit, I did use Robin to harass Loki for much of the afternoon)

~ Lauren Carney Stickers - I’m not even going to start again on my love for Lauren’s works, but the cat girl is my absolute favourite. I keep moving her around my house trying to find the perfect spot.