So last week I shared my recipe for Strawberry Butter, but I hear you saying ‘This is fine and dandy, but now that I’ve made this butter - what do I do with it?’You remember Fairy Bread? Basically buttered bread with sprinkles? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about! It’s pretty much the best thing from childhood. It has always been one of my favourite sugary snacks to make. I never really out grew the stuff.

When I was about 20 years old, I went to a friends 21st birthday. There would have been about 100 people my age or older milling around at this party; drinking and being young adults (as you do). At some point, the birthday boy’s mother started bringing out food when she appeared with this GIANT tray of fairy bread, muttering under her breath about how making it was a waste of time…. It was literally devoured in under 5 minutes. She was SWARMED by 20-something-year-olds, ravenous for those colourful little treats! I’ll never forget the parents who were attending the party, standing by in amazement that we would still love something so childish, SO much!

The truth is; Fairy bread is the best! It’s sugary and sweet and requires little to no cooking skills what-so-ever. Strawberry butter is the perfect way to jazz up this old favourite. You can taste the strawberry coming through subtly, making it just that little bit more flavorsome and delicious! Try it out yourself, you’ll see…
What You Need:
100′s & 1000′s / Sprinkles
Fresh breadWhat You Do:

(Do I really need to explain this one?)
1. Prepare the bread by cutting off the crusts (optional) - as many as you want to have.
2. Butter a thick layer of the Strawberry butter onto each slice.
3. In a shallow plate pour the 100′s & 100′s/sprinkles and gently shake until in an even layer.
4. One at a time, place each slice of bread into the 100′s & 100′s/sprinkles, butter side down and gently press down to get even coverage. Shake the plate in between slices to avoid lumps.
5. Cut each slice half and then half again (diagonally because, lets face it; triangles taste better!)
6. Feel like a kid again while snacking on these rainbow treats.