Oh Etsy: 20.03.13

Some days are just drab and grey and dull. Those days where you wish you could just stay curled up in bed and ignore the world. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having one of those days today.  It’s the middle of the week and I’m feeling the need for some cheering up.

Luckily I found a collection of golden delights to bring a bit of sunshine into my day! A lovely print to brighten up the room, a sun dress to feel a little pretty, a pillow rest my head on, a brilliant notebook (my favourite!) to write down some clever ideas and an adorable little pot to cook up some dinner. I’m feeling better already!

ONE/ Bon Appetite / Edubarba /$13
TWO/ Sunny Side Up Dress / Fox Parse /$60
THREE/ Ampersand Pillow / The Art Room /$55
FOUR/’I Make Stuff’ Notebook /oelwein /$9
FIVE/ Yellow Aluminium Fondu Pot / Two Story Vintage /$10

Oh Etsy: 09.10.12

This whole collection started around that amazing Knitted Sweater. I almost wish it were winter again so I could have an excuse to wear it! The same goes for the (brilliantly named) Soopascarf from Yokoo, isn’t it just the coziest thing you’ve ever seen! In reality though the adorable Apron NEEDS to come and live with me. I can wear it (along with some Yellow Neon Studs) when I am preparing recipe posts! I’m pretty sure my phone and wallet would fit perfectly in the clever little Wedge Lemon purse and all the ingredients I need can come home with me in a nice big Tote Bag. Talk about a perfect set!  (Well, that’s how I’m going to justify this spending spree to my boyfriend anyway…)

Another Birthday Wish List

I hate it when family ask me what I want for my birthday. I almost never know what to ask for. Don’t get me wrong, there is always a (long) list of random items that I have my eye on at any given point, but usually just frivolous, silly, pretty things. Never anything I would feel comfortable asking for, nor would I want anyone else to buy me really. With that in mind, here is a list of pretty, silly, fun things that I would like for my birthday (but please don’t buy me! :) )

ONE/ Gold Hook on Silver Chain / MIANSAI / $120

TWO/ Woodgrain an Hour Watch /ModCloth/ $135
THREE/ Quinn Peplum / Tobi / $52
FOUR/ Finney Cap Toe Pumps / Tobi / $56
FIVE/ Little Helpers Jar / Cursive New York / $55
SIX/ Think Before You Speak Print / InflatedDeflated / $10

Grey Skies

When you realise you’ve started to run out of coat hangers, it may be time to clear out your wardrobe. At least that’s what I like to think! Recently I’ve noticed that I’m constantly running out of room to hang all my clothes - which is ridiculous because I don’t even wear half of them!

As a result I decided to sort my clothes into groups and only keep the clothes that I like or wear the most. It became abundantly clear while I was doing this that I definitely have favourite “go to” colours; one of the worst offenders being different shades of Grey. Around a fifth of my clothes are some variation of grey… But can you blame me when there are so many Grey goodies to be had!?

ONE / Rib Two Bob Beanie / ASOS / $17
TWO / Pyrameter Ring / Tobi / $12
THREE / Metal Bar Detail Envelope Clutch / ASOS / $30
FOUR / Misty Grey Nail Polish / Forever 21  / $2.80
FIVE / Cabana Stripe Duvet Cover  / Urban Outfitters / $79
SIX / Runway to Reality Heel / Mod Cloth / $240
SEVEN / Versus Open Back Print Tee / Nordstrom / $103

Oh Etsy: 24.07.12

What do you think of the new format? I’ve been wanting to experiment with different image layout for my collection posts for a while - how do you feel about this layout? Do you like the collage style or do you prefer to see the full images like past collections?
Anyway, enough talk, time to see what we have this week… *Phew!* I think this is my biggest Oh Etsy post yet! I came across so many yellow beauties this week, I couldn’t help but share them all!
The Hot Air Balloon Letter Press Card is so completely adorable, as is the Bumble Bee Hair Bow Tie from Oh Honey Hush. Did you see that the  Yellow Lace Leggings from Karmology Clinic are handmade?! They look so fantastic (as do their adorable product photos!)
Hmm… perhaps the Crochet Baby Blanket from Crochet By Jamie for my best friend who is 5 months pregnant? Or Yellow Decorative Throw Pillow Cover from Pillow Throw Decor for the babies room?
AND I am smack bang in LOVE with The Pablo from White Faux Taxidermy! My boyfriend always giggles at my love for white and animal decor. I have a whole collection of random animal figurines (which if they are not already white when I purchase them usually end up spray painted.) Obviously I had to include the fantastic yellow deer, but these gorgeous ‘taxidermy’ heads are pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! I think I definitely need one above my fireplace…

1/ Yellow Vintage Buttons from Miss Pink Robin /$3.50

Oh Etsy 25.01.12

Chevron, Chevron, Chevron. How do you do it? How do you make simple zig-zagged stripes and shapes look so great?

1. LOVE this ‘Going to the South-West’ sterling silver arrow ring
2. Chevron Zig Zag Print
3. I think this ZigZag Print Bag is b-e-a-utiful! (Especially with the hint of yellow lining inside!)
4. I stand by my love for yellows and grey shades, just like in this Mustard and Gravy Geometric Print.
5. The perfect little Clutch with just the right amount of leather feature.
6. Oh this Slouch Pullover Sweater looks soooooo comfy!

Oh Etsy 10.01.12

1. I must be wishing for cooler weather, because it’s WAY to hot for this Long Pale Grey Chunky Knit Cowl by Knit Frekkles, but that doesn’t stop me from loving it!
2. Our home phone is still broken so the Vintage Rotary Phone from ArtmaVintage is a totally useful purchase…. right?
3. Oh how I wish these babies weren’t reserved for someone else! (Grey Suede Shearling Winter Desert Boots from Archives Collections)
4. A beautiful Pillow Cover design by Modernality2
5. Who doesn’t love Pinwheels?! (By aubabi78)
6. This Grey Brass Stud Bracelet from Xtra Virgin is the perfect arm party addition….
7. I don’t know why I love little bags like this yellow and grey lattice clutch from Sienna, there is no way I could fit even my wallet inside it, but it’s such a lovely print!

Yellow Nails: Hot or Not?

On Saturday I decided my nails needed a new coat of paint and feeling fed up with the selection of favourite colours that I have on high rotation, I decided to give this yellow polish another try. I’ve worn in once before, but got a lot of comments on it. Not negative comments, but not positive comments either. Kind of those ‘oh! You have yellow nails!” kind of non commital comments that are usually masking dislike. Regardless, I kind of dig yellow nails, so I thought I’d give it another go, and ended up pretty happy with the results.

Cue to half a week wearing this colour at work and I have had an even divide in reactions:

  • Group A: Love it. Like, Really LOVE it and have told me repeatedly how awesome it is.
  • Group B: Not so much. Terms like ‘weird’ and ‘ it’s different’ are being thrown around a lot.
So now I’m wondering- yellow nail polish: whats your take on it? Hit or Miss?

oh Etsy… Yellow Edition

I’ve been really into yellow recently, I’m not sure why, maybe its because I have been trying to find a nice mustard cardigan and all I keep finding is pretty yellow items instead!

1.  I so do not need a new wallet but this Handmade Wallet from cottonpurr is so whimsical :)

2. Flower brooches are a new interest of mine, this lovely daisy looks like it wants to come home with me, don’t you think?
3. Isn’t this lamp AMAZING! I so wish I owned my house so I could put it up in my hallway.
4. I simply LOVE these Lambswool English Rose Fingerless Gloves and my hands have been getting cold….
5.  Such a sweet Yellow cardigan!

What do you think of my new format for oh etsy posts? Do you prefer individual photos and links or a group wrap up like this?