DIY Lined Envelopes for Frankie Magazine


It’s been a while since we had a DIY project around here, so I wanted to share a DIY project I did for Frankie Magazine while I was away. I’m a sucker for pretty stationary, but I always find that most of the store bought styles aren’t really to my liking. So, when I am in the mood to send some snail mail, I make my own, my favourite being lined envelopes. There is just something fun about opening what looks like a regular letter, only to be greeted by an extra pop of colour and pattern.

Check out the full DIY and you can make your very own personalised lined envelopes from any paper or pattern that takes your fancy!

envelopes13 envelopes14


Frankie DIY: Paper Gems

DIY Paper Gems for Frankie Magazine | by

Did you ever wish you could make your own diamonds and gems at home? Just think of all the bling-bling you could have if you could! Okay, so these gems are made of paper, not precious stones, but with this simple DIY you can create a rainbow of gems with just a few clever folds!

Read the full instructions  HERE at the Frankie Magazine blog!

DIY Paper Gems for Frankie Magazine | by


Fabric Covered Flower Pots for Frankie Magazine

DIY Fabric Covered Flower Pots by for Frankie Magazine

Whoops! I nearly forgot to share my latest DIY Project over at the Frankie Magazine blog! I’m really loving working with Frankie on these DIY’s, not just because it’s my favourite magazine, but also because I find their articles and stories are a great source of inspiration!

This time around we spruced up some plain old terracotta pots to make something a little fancy that wont break the budget (Because who doesn’t hate expensive DIY projects? Amiright!) Pop over to the Frankie Magazine website to read the full instructions.

DIY Fabric Covered Flower Pots by for Frankie MagazineDIY Fabric Covered Flower Pots by for Frankie Magazine