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I received my order from Chic Wish today and now I’m kind of wishing it was winter already so I could put on this guy and be snuggly and warm. It’s put me in the mood for fabulous over-sized sweaters. So effortlessly cool and the easiest way to cover a multitude of ‘sins’ ;)

Snug as a Bug (or a bear)

 Now usually I would save awesome Etsy finds for my weekly Oh Etsy collections, but I’m so entirely smitten with these little guys over at Remakerie I couldn’t wait for next week! Look how utterly and adorably cosy these cuties are! Don’t you just want to take home, oh I don’t know…. ALL of them!

Oh Etsy: 09.10.12

This whole collection started around that amazing Knitted Sweater. I almost wish it were winter again so I could have an excuse to wear it! The same goes for the (brilliantly named) Soopascarf from Yokoo, isn’t it just the coziest thing you’ve ever seen! In reality though the adorable Apron NEEDS to come and live with me. I can wear it (along with some Yellow Neon Studs) when I am preparing recipe posts! I’m pretty sure my phone and wallet would fit perfectly in the clever little Wedge Lemon purse and all the ingredients I need can come home with me in a nice big Tote Bag. Talk about a perfect set!  (Well, that’s how I’m going to justify this spending spree to my boyfriend anyway…)

Sweater Cat

I’ve never been that person to dress my animals up in clothes. This is less about my wants and more about my pets being stubbornly opposed to having any kind of anything wrapped around them. That said, I decided to give it a try with Loki.

Being a Devon Rex, he is a little lacking in the fur department. Poor little guy gets so cold during winter. He basically doesn’t get out from under my blanket for the whole season!

I didn’t think he would be too happy about his new snazzy sweater, but after getting used to it, he is now the happiest warmest kitten in the world! As an added bonus, he gets super placid and cuddly when he wears it, which is always fun for me as he can usually be a big hyperactive! Everybody wins!

Sunday Sessions: Arts 08.01.12

The Sunday Sessions are a weekly round up of cute, funny,amazing, inspiring or lovely things I’ve seen during the week and would like to share….  

Lots of art in this week’s Sunday Sessions. Being home for a week and sick for a couple of days has meant that I have had lots of time to browse the internet aimlessly. I love seeing the quirky and creative things people have created!

LINE ONE: I adore these stunning art installations by Shintaro Ohata I wish I could have something like this in my house… Might get in the way though?
LINE TWO: I seem to love Disney Princesses lately, so when I came across these Princesses re-imagined as Punk Rockers (by Sexy Sweaters) couldn’t help but love em!
LINE THREE: Also from Sexy Sweaters are these ridiculous but fabulous sweater designs. I almost wish I could buy some of these!
LINE FOUR: Stephanie De Rouge‘s three photo series “In Your…” Fridge, Bedroom and Roof are both strangely intimate and a fascinating look into a small snapshot of other peoples lives. I’m also extra jealous of some of the beautiful rooftops in these pictures…