Sunday Sessions: 06.01.13

LINE ONE: I am completely in lust with these unique and contemporary lamps from Vertigo Bird. I would hazard a guess that I probably would have to give up eating for a while to afford one, but that sure doesn’t stop them from being brilliant designs!

Oh man. I just discovered Deux Lux and I’m really wishing that I wasn’t in the midst of post-Christmas saving because I reeeaaallly want, like….. all of the bags (the Felix Weekender most of all!)

Remember a while ago when I shared Poolga, the brilliant website full of iphone and ipad backgrounds you can download for free? I popped over to their site recently to get myself a new background and discovered that you can now buy prints! Uh oh…

Loving the soft and delicate designs of these Fabric Origami Necklaces and Fabric Origami Rope Necklaces from Poketo, but honestly, anything origami has my love.

DIY Tassle Necklace

I remember when I was a child I loved playing with the tassels around the house. I loved how soft little ‘brush’ end of the tassels were. My mother had a teeny tassel on the end of the key for the glass cabinet in our living room. I used to steal it from the door and play with it while I watched TV. Man, did she get mad when I would inevitably forget to put it back! Hoo boy!
Now that I’m a grown up, I can play with whatever the hell I like, (I mean, except when I’m visiting home…. ‘Hi Mum!’) So when I spotted this necklace I just had to have one, but for $175 it was a little out of my price range. ‘I could totally make one myself’ I decided and high-tailed in to the nearest craft store.One thing you’ve probably noticed by now that all of my DIY’s are… how shall I put this? Stupidly easy? I can’t help it! I guess I’m inherently lazy. Anyway, this one is no exception. Sure, you can make the tassels yourself if you are more patient than I am, but for $3 for a pack of 4, I was willing to take the lazier option.  In actual fact, this project cost me around $9 (as I already had a spare chain laying around) and roughly 15 minutes of my time. Talk about a bargain!What I ended up making isn’t really the same as the necklace in question, but I actually would wear this version more. (You could still make one similar by getting a series of different colours in the same size, as opposed to the colours and sizes I chose. The method is still the same!)

OE 16.05.12

Ohhhh I love a miniature diorama!  There’s something about tiny figures and scenes that always seem so whimsical. We never made true diorama’s in school when I was a kid. Scale models? Sure, but never to the teeny tiny detail that you see in a diorama. Where does one even get those tiny people, trees, bushes and houses? Are there shops around that only sell thousands and thousands of itty bitty figures? If so -  please do not tell me where they are…. I’m just the kind of person to send myself bankrupt buying an army of mini dolls.

1.  Red Riding Hood Pendant by Mijbil Creatures /$26
2. The Park Bench necklace from Mother was Right / $40
3. Extreme Micro Snail by Suami / $20
4. Grazing Cow Ring by Tiny Tasty Jewelry Cafe / $55
5. Terrarium Diorama Necklace from Frankie Fuju Forever /$39.95
6. Tiny Matchbox Woodland Scene by Machel Spence Photography /$14.99

Mailbox Love

I won’t be offended if you don’t remember my Mailbox Love posts. I think its been at least a year since the last time I posted one… I should explain:

Mailbox Love was a term I coined a few years ago. I was trying to explain to one of my friends that they should send me physical mail when I moved interstate because ‘I love receiving mailbox love’. It ended up being a term I use a lot once I started shopping online and eventually became a semi-regular feature when I first started Kittenbear, where I would share items I bought as I received them.

Anyway, over the weekend I received a little ‘mailbox love’ so I thought it might just be time to start sharing my purchases again.

This beautiful necklace from Plastique arrived a few days ago. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know, a couple of weeks ago I shared this ring in this collection. I bought this necklace around then, I couldn’t help but snap up a bargain while so many of the amazing designs were on sale. In my usual fashion, I had forgotten that it was coming so I was super stoked when it arrived.

The necklace is everything I hoped it would be. It’s a great statement piece but it’s not too overstated that it dominates the outfit. I can’t wait to wear it out so I can snap a couple of photos to show you.

I love receiving an item and finding that it is great quality and beautifully packaged, as this one was. Especially with online shopping, there’s nothing worse than receiving your purchase and feeling disappointed with the product you receive.

PS. As I was setting up to take these photos, Loki came over and sat down in my shots- obviously fascinated by my actions. I didn’t have the heart to move the inquisitive little guy.

Sunday Session 18.03.12

LINE ONE: This week I came across Judy Kauffman’s fabulous blog and with it her adorable prints. I love her series Small Stories, each print really does tell a whole story in the form of a minimalist landscapes. 
LINE TWO: Pawling have cleverly translated their simple geometric line prints into all kinds of products; tote bags, pillows, cards, books and prints. Each different medium gives the design a whole new feel. (1, 2, 3, 4)
LINE THREE: I’m totally smitten with these quirky necklaces from howkapow  (1, 2, 3, 4) Especially the adorable cat design - so clever!
LINE FOUR: How amazing are these felted animal hoods by Barbara Keal. I’ve seen many different animal hoods around, but never ones that look so real. I feel as if these could have actually come from some kind of forest creature!