Gift Guide | For the Boyz 2 Men


Now it’s time to get something for the guys in our lives. Personally, I love shopping for menswear, some might say a little too much. I just think that most mens accessories and gifts are so well designed; simple and elegant, I often find myself wanting to keep the ‘boy’ gifts I buy, even more so than the pretty things I buy for my girlfriends! Go figure!

From the boyz to the manliest of men, here are my picks for every gentleman in your life. (I’ll try to keep my hands to myself!)

For the Stylish Fellow: Not many guys can pull off a hat, but for those who can, this Trilby is super fly!
For the Hipster: If your hipster BF doesn’t love this wood finish Radio,  I’ll totally take it off your hands!
For a Tropical Holiday : Everyone looks good in a pair of  wayfarers, they’re just so timeless!
For the Music Lover: A good pair of Headphones are a must have for the fellow who is always jammin’ out!
For the Adventurer: That guy who is always on exciting adventures totally needs this dreamy backpack.
For the Business man: Keep your career man on time with this simple and striking watch.
For the Gym Junkie: If there’s one thing an exercise enthusiast always needs, its a good water bottle.
For the Foodie: For the fan of finer things, grab a set of whiskey stones so he can enjoy them ice cold!
For a Stocking Stuffer: - in the most literal sense of the term, adorable winter socks to keep his feet warm.

Oh Etsy: 05.12.12

Boys are notoriously difficult to shop for. There’s only so many times you can buy computer games or sports paraphernalia before it starts getting old. You want to add a touch of sophistication to this years Christmas gifts?  Looking for something with a little more class and panache? Well, here is the Etsy gift guide you’ve been looking for, chock-a-block full of gentlemanly ideas of gifts to purchase for that special guy in your life!

ONE / Uni-sex Suspenders / Studio Lana / $35
TWO / Dark Wash Denim Bow Tie / Preston & Olivia: New York / $50
THREE / Handmade Twig 4 Pack / Frick and Frack Scrap / $31
FOUR / 100% Natural Beard Tonic / Herbivore Botanicals / $13
FIVE / Phrenology of a Gentleman Poster / Maiden Voyage Clothing /$12
SIX / Bicycle Wine Rack / Oops Mark/ $34

Birthday Wish List Revisted (Part 1)

Never let it be said that I don’t share things I truly love with you guys! If you’ve been reading kittenbear for a while, you may remember last year I shared my birthday wish list full of wooden beauties. While I didn’t receive any of said items last year, I thought I would revisit this list as a few months on, I have managed to secure a few on my own…

The first treasure from my list is the brooch by the ever so talented Lauren Carney. My love affair with Ms Carney’s work has been mentioned again and again and again on this blog. I had been lusting after the Shiphead Wooden Brooch ever since I missed out on getting one at Finders Keepers last year. I had it sitting in my Etsy shopping cart, just waiting for the day that I would treat myself to it. Of course, something as lovely as this didn’t stay in there for long and one day I logged in to find the dreaded message ‘Darn! This item can’t be purchased right now.‘ In a flurry of panic I sped over to the wonderful Made by White website where I had seen some of her brooches in stock previously and snapped one up as quick as I could!

When it arrived (in the cutest packaging ever!) I have to admit… I’m not really sure why I didn’t purchase it sooner! It is beautiful quality and the quirky illustration never fails to start and conversation (and gain me some lovely compliments) whenever I wear it. I’m so very tempted to get the Rabbit Mask Brooch and make it a set. My favourite thing about this brooch is that it upon first glance it comes across as a simple, elegant brooch but when you look at it properly you see that it actually is much more interesting and whimsical than you ever realised!