Gift Guide | For the Boyz 2 Men


Now it’s time to get something for the guys in our lives. Personally, I love shopping for menswear, some might say a little too much. I just think that most mens accessories and gifts are so well designed; simple and elegant, I often find myself wanting to keep the ‘boy’ gifts I buy, even more so than the pretty things I buy for my girlfriends! Go figure!

From the boyz to the manliest of men, here are my picks for every gentleman in your life. (I’ll try to keep my hands to myself!)

For the Stylish Fellow: Not many guys can pull off a hat, but for those who can, this Trilby is super fly!
For the Hipster: If your hipster BF doesn’t love this wood finish Radio,  I’ll totally take it off your hands!
For a Tropical Holiday : Everyone looks good in a pair of  wayfarers, they’re just so timeless!
For the Music Lover: A good pair of Headphones are a must have for the fellow who is always jammin’ out!
For the Adventurer: That guy who is always on exciting adventures totally needs this dreamy backpack.
For the Business man: Keep your career man on time with this simple and striking watch.
For the Gym Junkie: If there’s one thing an exercise enthusiast always needs, its a good water bottle.
For the Foodie: For the fan of finer things, grab a set of whiskey stones so he can enjoy them ice cold!
For a Stocking Stuffer: - in the most literal sense of the term, adorable winter socks to keep his feet warm.

  • Linnéa

    December 22, 2014 at 3:00 am Reply

    Perfect! I wish my brother was more stylish then I’d be on these immediately haha! :)

    • Dani

      December 22, 2014 at 11:38 am Reply

      Just MAKE him stylish by continually buying him cooler clothes! That’s what I did to my brother! haha!

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