Frankie DIY: Paper Gems

DIY Paper Gems for Frankie Magazine | by

Did you ever wish you could make your own diamonds and gems at home? Just think of all the bling-bling you could have if you could! Okay, so these gems are made of paper, not precious stones, but with this simple DIY you can create a rainbow of gems with just a few clever folds!

Read the full instructions  HERE at the Frankie Magazine blog!

DIY Paper Gems for Frankie Magazine | by

Under the Tree

When I was about 20, I created a a Christmas tradition for myself. Every year a couple of days before Christmas, I sit in the airconditioning (because, Hoo Boy! Is it toasty this time of year!) and I watch either Love Actually or a DVD I have of a comedian Tim Minchin and wrap all of my presents for that year. A weird choice of viewing, I know. The year it started I was house sitting by myself over the Christmas period and they were the two DVD’s I had with me. That year was probably the first Christmas I went all out, finding the perfect gifts and wrapping them with all kinds of paper and ribbon. Ever since then, watching those two films never fails to put me in a Christmas mood! This year  I was armed with the Frankie magazine Gift Paper Book as well as my trusty kraft paper and I may have gotten a little carried away… They sure do look lovely under the tree though :)
(Don’t forget, you can win your own copy of these beautiful sheets of gift paper by entering the giveaway here!)

GIVEAWAY: Frankie Gift Paper Book

If there’s one thing I love about the blogging community, it is that everyone seems to love gift wrapping as much as I do! People don’t seem to understand my fascination, but I just love making a gift look beautiful for its recipient. It’s part of the whole experience to be able to receive something pretty and promptly tear through it to get to the goods.

I was fortunate enough to receive not one but two copies of Frankie magazine’s amazing new gift paper book. I have been wrapping all of my Christmas gifts in a combination of both plain brown paper and various combinations from this book (photos to come!) The paper is beautiful quality, I have some stored away for future DIY projects, my housemates are quite confused as to why I am so excited about a book of paper. Check out the beautiful video made by the folk at Sea Chan showcasing some of the designs.

The Gift Paper Book contains 10 sheets of unique 50’s inspired designs printed on perforated paper ready for you to rip, fold and tape to your heart’s content. To win a copy for yourself all you have to do is complete one (or all) of the following:
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Leave a comment for each entry. Don’t forget to leave your name and a email address in your entry so that I may contact you if you are the winner! Good Luck!