Instagram Calendar DIY

DIY Instagram Calendar from www.highwallsblog,comWe all have that friend who loves Instagram just that little bit too much. You know the one. She takes a photo of her feet in the sand in front of the ocean and its all #dayatthebeach #beachdayez #beach #vacation #holiday #sand #sun #surf #clouds #hermitcrab #seagull #fun #omg #tan …oh my god - hashtag STOP!

I understand if you are promoting your brand, art etc on Instagram, you would include relevant tags to encourage a wider audience see’s your pictures. But I really don’t understand why my 18 year old cousin needs everyone to see a Valencia filtered picture of her hot chocolate (#winter #treats #yum #naughty #chocolate #coffee) If you love your Instagram shots that much and want the world too see them, why not do it the old fashioned way? Put them up around your house!

I still haven’t gotten around to putting up a calendar at home, so I mocked up this little monthly calendar using some of my favourite instagram photos from the last 12 months. There are many online services that will do this for you, but why not do it yourself? It takes about 15 minutes (once you’ve selected your photos) and all it costs is the price of a clipboard and 6 colour prints!

DIY Instagram Calendar from www.highwallsblog,com

What You Need:

a clipboard
6 A4 sheets of paper
a craft knife or scissors
access to a colour printer
12 Instagram photos

What You Do:

1. Choose your photos - You can download your photos in one of the following ways:

On a Mac you can get them through Preview

  • Plug your iPhone into your Mac
  • Launch Preview
  • From the File menu navigate down and select “Import from iPhone…”
  • Select “Import All” to get all the pictures, otherwise individually select pictures and click ‘Import’
  • Look in your ~/Pictures/ folder for the photos from your iPhone

On a Windows PC you can open the device as a folder when you plug it in:

  • Plug in your iPhone to the computer without iTunes running
  • Wait for a popup asking you what you want to do with the device
  • Select “View Content”
  • Find your photos through the folders that are displayed
  • Copy from the folder to your preferred location.

2. I made up some quick calendar templates which you can use for yourself, just click HERE (EDIT: 2015 Calendar!) to download the images. Open up with Photoshop and all you need to do is open each image and paste your Instagram photo into the blank space above the month layout. (If you aren’t familiar with Photoshop you can use any photo editing program or even insert the images on top of each other in Word.

3.  Print em out! 2 to a page so that you can cut in half - and do so with your knife or scissors.

4. Now all that’s left to do is put them in order and secure with the clipboard. You can hang on the wall or prop up on a shelf to display.

How easy is that! Aren’t you glad you didn’t shell out $40 to get someone else to do it for you! Obviously, the nicer the paper and printer you use the better quality your calendar will be. Try to choose photos that fit the months, for example - in December I used a picture of a deer head wearing a Christmas hat and for September I used balloons because that when my birthday is! You can tailor them to your own personal taste because they are your photos! Maybe you can even make one for that special Instagram-loving friend. If you can’t access their phone, you can always try using their Instagram photos from their profiles (’profilename’) Maybe your lovely gift will help to stop the hashtag abuse… ;)

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DIY Instagram Calendar from www.highwallsblog,com

Oh Etsy: 06.02.13

Okay, so I know that we are in February already, so I’m a little late to the party with these calendars and diaries. I do this every year, I always forget to buy a new calendar or diary until its already January and then I spend ages trying to find the perfect one. Its always ends up being February before I have my calendar set up.  This year I ended up going with the fabulous Mi Goals diary, but all of these babies were up there on my short list. (Yes, I had a short list. I take this stuff seriously okay :P )

ONE / 2013 Calendar Typographic Poster - The Sun, It Shines / Spring Once More / $22
TWO / 2013 Cute Animals Calendar / Loopz / $15
THREE / 2013 Daily Planner Calendar in Dandelion / Julia Kostreva / $22
FOUR / 2013 Wall Calendar / Dozi / $22
FIVE / 2013 Desk Calendar Colors of the Year / Ruby Red Design Studio / $17
SIX / 2013 Pocket Planner -Teal Forest / Dozi / $11.50

February Giveaway

One day, whist we were holiday in Japan last year, we were in central station in Tokyo, trying to navigate our way to the correct platform before we missed our train. We had finally located the correct area and were about to make a dash through the turnstiles when I spotted the most adorable little tiny gift store tucked away in a corner. What had grabbed my attention the most about this store, was the shelf of adorable mini calendars in various animal shapes. Naturally, and to the dismay of my (all male) traveling companions, I could not go on without stopping to scoop up a whole set of these little beauties. Despite my love for them, I don’t really need more than one mini calendar to adorn my house with, so I thought I should share them around.

I had intended to give these away earlier in the year, but I had tucked them away for safe keeping and forgotten about them until I came across the storage box over the weekend (I love finding things you had forgotten you had!)Now that I have rediscovered them it’s time for 2012’s first giveaway!

Each month has a different colour animal with the days of the month on their adorable little bellies! If you would like to have one of these little guys on your desk at home all you have to do is follow kittenbear and leave a comment on this post with your name, contact email and let me know which little critter you would like to add to your family.

You can choose from:

- Panda
- Miniature dachshund
- Cat
- Yorkshire terrier
- Chihuahua

Entries close Friday the 17th of February 2012. Best of luck!

Oh Etsy 03.01.12

A little late, I know, but I’m on the hunt for a calendar for 2012. I never knew that there were so many stunning calendars around the internets until I started looking and now I have way to many to choose from! Here are a few that have caught my eye on etsy alone:

1. Knowing my fondness for owls, how could I not love the Owl Calendar by Gingiber (although I do admit that the Fox Calendar makes me smile as well, but I think that’s because I still want one of her fox pillows….)

2. 2012 Letterpress Calendar by Impressed Design is unfortunately sold already, I wish it weren’t if only for the month with this batman outfit…
3. I love the colours in the aptly named ‘Be Colorful…’ mini calendar from the Monkey Mind Design store which features a whole stack of beautiful calendars, cards and prints.
4. Letterpress Calendars are the best, like the 2012 Letterpress Wall Calendar from Old School Stationers.
5. How lovely would the Language of Flowers  calendar by The House that Lars Built look up on your wall?
6. Loving this Petite Calendar by Khristiana Howell (the etsy store also has beautiful prints and calendars which are totally worth a look see!)