Oh Etsy: Beautiful Prints in Pink from www.highwallsblog.com

If walls could talk, I’m pretty sure mine would say they want some more colour on them! I have so many prints, but most tend to be in black and white (and barely any are even on the wall if I’m honest….)

ONE/ While obviously not actually for the wall, this incredible Pink Fruit Notebook  from Mi+ed Design got me feeling all hot and bothered over pink prints. Look at those perfect fruits! They look so sweet and delicious, I want to nom them all up right away!

TWO/ Please make sure you click the link and check out the full sized image of the Jackie Focus No3 Giclee Abstract Fine Art Print over at Parima Creative Studio. The splashes of pinks, purples and peaks of gold are the very definition of how a collection of abstract shapes and colours can really work  to create a beautiful effect.

THREE/ Geometric prints will forever be my favourite. The composition of the shapes in Mi+ed Design‘s Geometric Print (yes, I’m really digging their store!) is so perfect, and the choice of colours are sublime.

FOUR/ If you follow me on Pinterest, you probably will have gathered that I have a soft spot for succulents, so it’s not surprising that this vibrant Pink Succulent Print  by Miles of Light is right up my alley.  Look at that colour! Love it.

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