This & That: Sunglasses & Clutches

Sunglasses & Clutch combo from The Iconic |

I have never had any luck finding sun glasses that suit my face. No matter what shape or size, they never seem to sit quite right, you know? Usually I look for aviator’s, because - well- you can’t beat a classic! But even then they have to be the perfect pair, which I will inevitably break or lose within days of buying.

What I need is a timeless pair of chic oversized sunglasses, like these. While I’m at it, why not pick up an equally stylin’ giraffe print clutch. (Giraffe print is the grown up older cousin of leopard print and therefore obviously superior.) Am I  the only one who has issues with sunglasses? Does buying them with pretty bags help to solve the problem in any way? (please say yes!)

[images via The Iconic]

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