Mixtape 01 - 20/20

Last week I attempted to make a list of  my 20 favourite songs from the past 20 years for a local radio station’s music vote. Trying to narrow down songs from the past 20 years with only 20 positions to fill was harder than it sounds! I tried to stick with songs that I had heard on the radio station in question, otherwise my list started getting out of control. So much so, that I actually ended up with a few differently ‘themed’ lists!

Here’s what I narrowed my list down to; a bit of everything, but mainly a collection of my favourite indie tracks ( I avoided my 90’s pop phase for this list ;) ) What do you think? Did any favourites of yours make my list?

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01 Mr. Brightside | The Killers
02 Born Slippy Nuxx | Underworld
03 Everybody Hurts | REM
04 Last Nite | The Strokes
05 Digital Love | Daft Punk
06 Hey Ya! | Outkast
07 Wonderwall | Oasis
08 Frontier Psychiatrist | The Avalanches
09 I Still Remember | Bloc Party
10 Fall At Your Feet (Cover) | Boy & Bear
11 Computer Camp Love | Datarock
12 Techno Fan | The Wombats
13 Short Skirt/Long Jacket | Cake
14 Run | Snow Patrol
15 Build God, Then We’ll Talk | Panic! At the Disco
16 Crave You | Flight Facilities
17 The Special Two | Missy Higgins
18 Older Than You | Eskimo Joe
19 Freak On a Leash | Korn
20 Good Riddance [Time Of Your Life] | Greenday


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