Mixtape 05 | 2014 Hottest 100


Tomorrow is Australia Day, which means it’s time for the Triple J Hottest 100 - a massive music poll run by the national youth ratio station, Triple J. The count down is broadcast throughout the day and, to be honest, is the highlight of the day! As always, I’m looking forward to seeing who made it into the top 10 this year, (including seeing if Buzzfeed’s campaign to get Taylor Swift into the running was successful!) I actually forgot to vote, but I thought I’d share 10 of my faves, starting with Chvrches amazing cover of the Arctic Monkeys song, ‘Do I wanna Know’, which sadly wasn’t available on Spotify (check it out on YouTube). Enjoy!


Mixtape 04 | All I want for Christmas


Let’s be real, you either hate Christmas Carols or you love them. There is no middle ground. Me? I’m firmly in the “love” category. In my opinion, Christmas Carols make everyday life at least 45% more magical. Seriously! Try it out: pop in some headphones and jam out to some carols next time you’re doing your grocery shopping. I don’t mean the store carols - they always suck. I mean hand picked songs that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here! I’ll even give you give you a few of my favourites :) There’s nothing quite like the spring in your step you get from some feel good carolling. You know, if that’s your kind of thing…

Disclaimer: I make no apologies for my Love of Michael Buble. The man can sing a good Christmas Carol! If I’m really honest with myself 80% of this playlist would be just him, but I chose to branch out a bit! Haha!


01 | All I Want For Christmas Is You | Michael Buble
02 | White Christmas | Otis Redding
03 | Happy Xmas (War is Over) | John Lennon
04 | Last Christmas | Wham!
05 | Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas | Michael Buble
06 | Do You Hear What I Hear? | Idina Menzel
07 | Christmas Waltz | Kristin Chenoweth
08 | The Christmas Song | Ella Fitzgerald
09 | Do They Know Its Christmas? | Band Aid
10 | Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) | Mariah Carey
11 | Wonderful Christmas Time | Paul McCartney
12 | Sleigh Ride | Relient K
13 | It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas  | Michael Buble
14 | In like a Lion (always winter) | Relient K


 BONUS: Baby it’s Cold Outside | Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Lady Gaga

Mixtape 03 | Chill


Over the weekend I went on a photo editing spree and to keep me motivated I put together a little playlist of sweet songs. These jams are so chill, so smooth, I thought: “what’s music for - if not sharing?” So here you go guys. Enjoy a chilled out start to your week :)

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01 | Ho Hey | The Lumineers

02 | Seaside | The Kooks

03 | Roll Up Your Sleeves | Meg Mac

04 | Mess is Mine | Vance Joy

05 | I love You | Lido

06 | Gooey | Glass Animals

07 | Lost | Frank Ocean

08 | Dog | Andy Bull (Feat Lisa Mitchell)

Mixtape 02 | Happy & a Little Bit Sad

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I’ve always been a big fan of a sweet (and often a little bit sad) indie love song. I’m all about that fuzzy feeling that you get inside when listening to one of these songs. With Valentines Day almost upon us, I’ve been cranking the loved up tunes, and what better time to share a few of my favourites with you! Do you have a favourite sweet/sad love song?

01 | You Could Be Happy | Snow Patrol
02 | They Weren’t There | Missy Higgins
03 | Boston | Augustana
04 | Stolen | Dashboard Confessional
05 | Hammers & Strings | Jack’s Mannequin
06 | Everything Must Go | Taking Back Sunday
07 | I Remember | Whitley
08 | Time | Cute is what we aim for
09 | Question | Old 97’s
10 | I Hear the Bells | Mike Doughty

Mixtape 01 - 20/20

Last week I attempted to make a list of  my 20 favourite songs from the past 20 years for a local radio station’s music vote. Trying to narrow down songs from the past 20 years with only 20 positions to fill was harder than it sounds! I tried to stick with songs that I had heard on the radio station in question, otherwise my list started getting out of control. So much so, that I actually ended up with a few differently ‘themed’ lists!

Here’s what I narrowed my list down to; a bit of everything, but mainly a collection of my favourite indie tracks ( I avoided my 90’s pop phase for this list ;) ) What do you think? Did any favourites of yours make my list?

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01 Mr. Brightside | The Killers
02 Born Slippy Nuxx | Underworld
03 Everybody Hurts | REM
04 Last Nite | The Strokes
05 Digital Love | Daft Punk
06 Hey Ya! | Outkast
07 Wonderwall | Oasis
08 Frontier Psychiatrist | The Avalanches
09 I Still Remember | Bloc Party
10 Fall At Your Feet (Cover) | Boy & Bear
11 Computer Camp Love | Datarock
12 Techno Fan | The Wombats
13 Short Skirt/Long Jacket | Cake
14 Run | Snow Patrol
15 Build God, Then We’ll Talk | Panic! At the Disco
16 Crave You | Flight Facilities
17 The Special Two | Missy Higgins
18 Older Than You | Eskimo Joe
19 Freak On a Leash | Korn
20 Good Riddance [Time Of Your Life] | Greenday



It’s amazing how something so simple can look so mesmerizing! Craig Shimala shot this video from the dashboard of his car driving around on a snowy day. The addition of a mirror filter makes what would be a regular clip into something extra special!
Check out the rest of Craig’s flickr stream or his website.

Kindness Spreads

Whoops! Ran out of time to finish my DIY post I had scheduled for today, so instead please enjoy this wonderful video. It features a great song and a simple story that always makes me smile. It’s a clever reminder that a little kindness goes a long way. Happy Tuesday! I hope someone brightened your day today :)

Every Little Piece

Simply beautiful :) Some people have crazy talent! (and patience for that matter…)


I had forgotten about this song by San Cisco, but today when it came in at number 7 in Triple J’s yearly Hottest 100 count down I was reminded of how adorable it is… even for a song about stalking someone… This band is so young, it’s great they’ve gotten so popular.