A few months ago I spotted dinosaur planters on etsy and was smitten with the idea. I had wanted to buy one of my own, but when I came across some rubber dinosaurs in the toy section of my local department store for only $2 each, I thought I’d give it a try myself.My love of white is well documented on this blog as well as my love for a feature colour combination. As such, I chose white and gold for my dino’s but you can obviously tailor yours to whatever colour you want. There were so many colours to choose from at my local hardware store!
Remember when you were a child and you used to do little experiments at school that were actually very simple, but at the time you thought they were totally amazing? One of my favourite’s was growing bean sprouts in cotton wool. I was so excited with those seeds started to sprout. Growing something from a scratch still excites me to this day, so I have been looking forward to Easter so I could pull out this DIY from my childhood…

A few months back I stumbled across Egglings. Naturally, I was smitten with the idea of ceramic eggs in which you could grow your own herbs and plants. It’s pretty much the most adorable idea ever! While the ‘real’ egglings are obviously a little more permanent, my little brother and I used to make something similar every year on the Easter holidays when we were kids.
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