Sunday Sessions: 17.02.13

LINE ONE: These birds eye view images are made from numerous frames from recordings, layered to create a singular image of an event or place. Katrin Korfmann links the series of occurrences to look as if they took place at the same moment. Fascinating!

LINE TWO:  Loving these clever vases made from action figures. Flower Power demonstrates how perfect action figures little hands are for holding flowers instead of plastic weapons! I totally want to make these myself!

LINE THREE: Did you know that puzzle pieces are interchangeable within a brand? I had no idea until I came across this project from Brooklyn-based artist/photographer Kent Rogowski. He took flowers and skies from over 60 store bought jigsaw puzzles to create a series of landscapes entitled Love = Love.

LINE FOURKyle‘s takes two photos from other people’s instagram feeds and blends them together to make fabulous new images. Check out #FromWhereIStandBlended to see all of the images.

Sunday Sessions: 03.02.13

LINE ONE:  I’ll admit, when I first heard that there was a store in LA called The Pie Hole I was instantly intrigued  (Photos from here, here and here)

LINE TWO: This mural by Hense on a Church in Washington DC is magical. If only he could come to Australia and make my house look as amazing!

LINE THREE: Ever since I started blogging, I’ve become a little obsessed with typography, so it comes as no surprise that I’m smitten with the series of travel images by Istanbul-based photographer Gokhun Guneyhan. Each image mixes photography and typography by juxtaposing typographic elements over the photographs and in doing so tells the story of each place.

LINE FOUR: These knitted wigs by Louise Walker are so great! I especially love the pink and long turquoise ones. I would love to rock out in one of these for a day.

PS. It got a little delayed with all the changes going on around here, but I hadn’t forgotten about the Frankie Gift Paper Book Giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered, but the lucky duck who will be receiving a copy of the book is:

Sunday Session: 25.11.12

LINE ONE: There’s something so whimsical and serene about a room full of balloons! Dancer and choreographer William Forsythe has traveled with his audio/visual installation Scattered Crowd in which thousands of balloons are suspended in galleries, museums, banks and other architecturally significant spaces. I wish I could experience the full impact of these installations in person, it looks so magical!
LINE TWO: Ohhhhhh! French designer and woodworker Malet Thibaut just released this limited edition “Art Toy” clearly inspired by the well known Lego figures. They were on sale in his Etsy Store but appear to be sold out now. Damn! I would have LOVED one of these to sit on my mantle!
LINE THREE: When Alma Hazer was asked by a fellow artist to submit a self-portrait to his Pop Art project, she decided to disguise herself in a wig and borrowed outfit. She found that the wig gave her confidence and began to wonder if other people would feel empowered by dressing up in a disguise. The result is a fascinating series of photo’s called “On the face of it,” all featuring the same outfit on various models. This makes me want to try this for my new blog portraits - I hate taking photos of myself!
LINE FOUR: Loving these adorable, iconographic illustrations of famous rival characters by designer Dan Matutina. The Samurai Jack one is especially fitting as my housemate has just introduced me to the show!

Sunday Sessions: 07.10.12

LINE ONE: I am in love with Sky Series by Eric Cahan, a series of amazing photographs of the sky at sunrise and sunset. I swear I’ve never seen such amazing and vibrant colours in any sunset I’ve seen! Amazing!

LINE TWO: I’m getting a real Moonrise Kingdom vibe from these product photos from Fanny & Alexander. I don’t have any kids of my own, but I kind of want to buy their whole range of kids toys anyway!

LINE THREE: If you’re a fan of letterpress, spare a few minutes to watch this short documentary “Upside Down, Left to Right” I love letterpress, I’ve always wanted to give it a try myself.

LINE FOUR: Kristomatic‘s lovely photos of Hyper Japan are making me crave another trip to Japan! (Pt 1 and Pt 2)

Sunday Sessions: 23.09.12

LINE ONE: 17-year-old Jessica Trinh takes beautiful beautiful and creative portraits of her two dogs; a Golden Retriever named Chuppy and an Australian Shepherd named Daisy. Her flickr stream is a testament to her amazing talent as a photographer. I am in awe of her ability to capture light, colour and personality in every photo!
LINE TWO:  I wish I would come across installations like this Interactive Cloud in my everyday life! Artist Caitlind r.c. Brown created a giant cloud from 1,000 working lightbulbs on pullchains together with 5,000 donated burnt out lights donated by the public. Pulling the chains causes the cloud to sort of flicker and change light. I’m so sure the video doesn’t do this project justice, It would have been so beautiful to witness!
LINE THREE: I spotted these fabulous animal sweaters from Modcloth over at The Dainty Squid and even though it’s summer now, I had to share them myself. Adorable! (1, 2, 3, 4)
LINE FOUR: BreakBot have released their latest album, By Your Side, can be purchased in the form of a delicious Chocolate record! The record can even be played on a record player (as long as you don’t mind ruining a few needles and cleaning up the chocolatey mess!) Yuuuum!

Sunday Sessions: 02.09.12

LINE ONE: When I used to catch the bus I would always sneak a peek at my seat neighbors current read. I love seeing what people are reading whilst commuting which is why I was so entranced by the Underground New York Public Library. The photo series by  photographer Ourit Ben-Haim which features the book loving riders of the NYC subways, collected into a library of sorts. Love it!

: I love Adventure Time so much and now I’m wishing that these Steampunk Adventure Time illustrations by artist Micaella Anunciacion were a real episode!

: How great is this series ‘Water Wigs’? Photographer Tim Tadder launches water balloons at his models and photographs the resulting water shapes. Brilliant and hilarious!

: Have you seen the beautiful comic strips over at Zen Pencils? Each strip is an illustrated ‘story’ to go along with famous quotes from history. The most recent, a quote by Neil Armstrong is just beautiful.

Sunday Sessions: 08.07.12

LINE ONE: I have a great love for well executed street art. It may be because I have never lived in a city where there is much around (well, not clever street art anyway.) Thank goodness for the internet or else I would never get to see awesome projects like this series of Monopoly inspired sculptures in Chicago’s Logan Square. Created by street artist who goes by the name of ‘Bored‘ (pun intended?), the sculptures are strewn around the city for people to find as they walk about their daily lives. I would love to come across something like this!

LINE TWO: I adore Meanz’s ruby outfitfrom last week - love the red and turquoise combination! I wish I could pull off heart shaped sunglasses like she can! (Koi Story)

LINE THREE: It’s hard to believe that these photos haven’t been retouched in photoshop! The salt content in Lake Retba (Lac Rose) in the north east of Dakar (Senegal) is so high that it creates the perfect habitat for a species of micro-algae called Dunaliella salina to live and breed inside it - apparently making the water  appear pink! Amazing!

LINE FOUR: I was blown away when spotted the amazing work of Dana Barnes over at the Anthology magazine blog. There is something about giant home made textiles that is so impressive! I think it’s the obvious commitment to each piece shown through the sheer size and time involved to make a finished product… Plus; they look just so super cozy!

Sunday Session 24.06.12

LINE ONE: These photos of rooms taken from a Birds Eye View give the rooms a whole different feel. Makes me wonder how aesthetically pleasing my rooms are from that angle. (See the whole series of photos by Menno Aden)

LINE TWO: These photos of Bloggers by Gabriela Herman are so great! This is pretty much me every night…

LINE THREE: Society 6 is a great source of artists, whenever I’m on the hunt for a new art piece to add to my collection I head over and browse a while. This week I came across the adorable works of Teagan White. These patterned critters are beautiful! (See also her website)

LINE FOUR: Can you believe these fantastic stockings are hand painted?! The star stockings are my personal favourite. See the whole collection over at Zekes Gaisa etsy store.

Sunday Sessions 17.06.12

I obviously have my head up in the clouds. This week it’s all about dreamy photography and what’s up in the sky…

LINE ONE: I’m totally enamored with these photos of Flying Houses by French artist Laurent Chehere. I love the idea of my house floating around midair… I’m just not so sure how I would get to my front door….?

LINE TWO: I feel like this girl and her (slightly cranky looking) cloud friend could be the stars of an indie film. Every photo in the series by Michael Casker seems to tell a story of one of their adventures.
LINE THREE: Long exposure photographs of star and light trails look amazing under normal conditions, so naturally these photographs taken by Astronaut and flight engineer Don Pettit from aboard the International Space Station are amazing! You can see the whole set in the Flickr set released by NASA.
LINE FOUR: I’ll admit these photo’s have been around for a while and I’ve seen them before, but I stumbled upon them again this week so I had to add them to this weeks SS links. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde uses a fog machine and carefully adjusts the temperature and humidity in empty rooms to produce temporary clouds just long enough to take these dreamy photographs.

Sunday Sessions 10.06.12

LINE ONE: The photo Sleep Elevations by Maia Flore are so whimsical and dreamy. Can’t you just imagine sleeping suspended by  a cloud or a pinwheel?
LINE TWO: Have you seen Kaylah‘s amazing New Hair colours? How I wish I could sport some rainbow hair like hers! Serious hair envy over here!
LINE THREE: Artist Jason K has re-imagined Miyazaki films reimagined as Penguin styled book covers. There aren’t any left in his Etsy store but I’ll be keeping my eye out for some in the future! My boyfriend and I looove Miyazaki films!
LINE FOUR: I’m loving these almost retro feeling illustrations from Tom Whalen’s deviant art gallery(strongstuff). The colour combinations are sublime! (1, 2, 3, 4)