Oh Etsy | Dark & Moody


It’s late at night and I’ve started noticing that the later it gets, the more my Etsy browsing has slowly devolved into dark and moody picks. Moons and stars and dark patterns. There’s not even a full moon tonight so I can’t blame it on that! I don’t know what has brought on this bought of brooding browsing, but I’m totally into it.

1 | Crazy about this striking Landscape Painting by Studio. Zoe, which you can also buy as a print!

2 |  In lieu of  a real full moon, I could use this Trip to the Moon Sticker from Moonlight Fantasy

3 | My couch is screaming for this Maya Lumbar Support Pillow from Chanee Vijay Textiles to live on it forever.

4 | Everyone loves a good tote, but this Constellation Tote Bag by Sleepy Dreamer is just that little bit extra classy!

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