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print-all-over-me Raise your hand if you have heard of Print All Over Me? I came across the site a few months ago but it was only this week that I actually sat down and had a look at what it has to offer.

It’s a simple yet brilliant concept: You can print whatever you like onto your choice of clothing style, for a limited time. Every three months new objects to print on are released meaning there is always an ever changing collection to browse. How cool is that?! I love it because it’s not just your basic Tshirt and mug combo you usually get from these kinds of services. There are some actual nice styles to choose from (the bomber jacket is probably my favourite)

Being a user submission service, let’s be honest – the vast majority of what I found was psychedelic stoner patterns, blown up photos of celebrities (SO much Beyonce and Miley!) and of course, random internet memes. But among all the craziness there are some real gems to be found! There is only a few days left on the current edition, so check it out!

sweatshirt | back pack | shift dress | polo shirt


What say you?