Oh Etsy | Planters for Everybody!

Pretty Planters from around Etsy - curated by www.highwallsblog.com

Planters are my new obsession. I have finally found a way to keep my succulents safe from the possums and that is either hanging planters or itty bitty window sill planters that I can rest on my kitchen window. Having a few around is making me crave more and more! I want planters in every shape, size and colour! Planters for ALL! (except those god damn possums. They get nothing.)

1 | Hanging Planter? Check. Totally adorable? Also Check. Give me this chevron pretty from Red Raven Studios!

2 | I can already visualize a wall in my home covered in wall hanging planters from L&M Studio

3 | Ohmygosh! Look at how cute this mini square planter is from Elizabeth Benotti. Love that colour!

4 | Oli’s Cupboard has so many adorable succulent planters, but this spikey number is by far my favourite!

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