Sunday Sessions | 30.03.14


- Kickstarter is one of my favourite places to find wonderful design, but this Manual Coffeemaker really takes the cake! The elegant design is so perfectly functional and beautiful, I’m seriously considering backing this - and I don’t even drink coffee!

-  If I had a packet of these smiley screws (from a project suitably entitled Screw :),) I would be constantly trying to find reasons to screw them into everything just so I could see their happy little faces!

- This edible floral cake from designlovefest is making me giddy! I don’t think I have ever seen a cake that is prettier! There is no way I could bring myself to eat this beauty.

- The brilliantly clever Brittni Mehlhoff (of Paper & Stitch) has done it again and come up with a brilliant DIY for Metallic Geometric planters  that you can do in just 5 minutes! You can see the whole project over at Curbly.

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