Sunday Sessions: 20.10.13

Sunday Sessions: A round up of autumn links |

LINE ONE /  Loving ‘Folks of October’ - the adorable and super clever collection of product photos for clothing label Samuji. Each set has its own (invisible) personality and I adore it!

LINE TWO / Aw! How sweet and lovely are these DIY Embroidered Leaf Animals from Handmade Charlotte? I think I’d be way too clumsy to sew a dried leaf without breaking it into a million pieces!

LINE THREE / Uh…what? You can bake a cake inside a pumpkin? What? WHAT?! Why wasn’t I told this sooner??

LINE FOUR / Whoops! Another Leaf DIY? Well, how could I resist this leaf garland by Alisa Burke? The stripes and  spots just look so awesome on the string of leaves!

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  • kittenhood

    October 21, 2013 at 8:55 pm Reply

    I just love the Folks of October, I have it bookmarked too :) and the pumpkin? Yes!

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