Sunday Sessions: A weekly round up of awesome links |

LINE ONE / Whilst perhaps a little out of my price range, I’m totally into these “Painted Ladies” -   a series of bags by Julia Gabriel based on San Francisco’s famous row of coloured houses. Each bag is currently up for grabs over HERE!

LINE TWO / Making my mouth water this week are a collection of photographic prints by Emily BlIncoe. Each print depicts a collection of candies in a each colour of the rainbow; green, orange, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink and even black , white, and gold! You can see (and purchase) the full series over at her etsy store. Man I need a sugar hit after looking at these!

LINE THREE / Turns out balloons and fishing wire are all you need to make a pretty chandelier in your home! I especially love this idea when using those awesome marbled balloons! Check out the full instructions right here on Julep.

LINE FOUR / Wow-wow-wow-wow! My love for geometric anything is no secret, but there is so much more depth, movement, and light in each of Shannon Finley’s acrylic paintings than I have ever seen before!