Sunday Sessions: 30.06.13

Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of wonderful things |

LINE ONE/ Mesmerized by this gif set on tumblr from Photojojo showing how the Face Changes With Shifting A Light Source (As spotted in the music video for Opale’s Sparkles and Wine) Makes me re-think my lighting options when taking photos.

LINE TWO/ Something for your literary buffs; To celebrate George Orwell’s 110th birthday,  FRONT404 decorated several surveillance cameras with party hats in tribute to Orwell’s novel”1984″. The project aims to create public awareness of the omnipresence of surveillance by making these inconspicuous and often ignored cameras stand out. You can find out all about the project here.

LINE THREE/ Head over heels for these fantastic illustrations by Spencer Salbery (aka Hey Monster) of strong female characters depicted as patron saints. I can totally see myself praying to Buffy Summers - Our Lady of Protection or Liz Lemon - Our Lady of Having it All.

LINE FOUR/ I wont lie, Wildfox isn’t really my style, but their Clueless inspired lookbook really got me feeling the 90’s nostalgia! I’m in total need of a night of ice cream and cheesy teen flicks!

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