Sunday Sessions: 23.06.13

 Sunday Sessions; a weekly link list of great things

LINE ONE/ Really loving this Dipped Polaroids DIY from the great blog the 52 Weeks Project. Such a clever idea to give Polaroids a little extra fun!

LINE TWO/ The Awesome Project  is a collection of beautiful porcelain goods designed and hand-decorated individually by creative duo illustrator Madalina Andronic & designer Claudiu Stefan. There are so many stunning bowls and vases, but my favourites are these incredible necklaces.

LINE THREE/ Check out these mixed media editorial pictures by Ben Giles for Kneon Magazine over at the Cargo Collective website.

LINE FOUR/ I just discovered the online design community Dottinghill where you can find a great selection of temporary tattoo designs. As someone who loves tattoos but has never been able to commit to a design, this is totally something I can use!

Sunday Sessions: 17.03.13

LINE ONE: Things are a little bit quirky this week, starting with this fun instagram stream by  idafrosk showcasing the prettiest and most exciting breakfast presentations I have ever seen! I would be so stoked to get out of bed every day if I knew there would be something like this waiting for me!

LINE TWO: Honestly WTF have come up with a great collection of images capturing some of the more strange and unusual accessories spotted around Paris Fashion week. Accessories really can take an outfit to the next level!

LINE THREE: Sometimes when I’m bored I browse the Behance network, this week I came across this crazy photo series ‘Where Was I?’  by Romain Laurent - which made me anything but bored!

LINE FOUR: If you follow me on Pinterest you may have already seen these flower arrangements by Parker Fitzgerald for Kinfolk Magazine. Ever since I saw them I have been dreaming about arranging flowers in ice cream cones.