Sunday Sessions


The Sunday Sessions are a weekly round up of links to cute, funny,amazing, inspiring or lovely things I’ve seen during the week and would like to share with you. (Sometimes all of the above!)

  • I love things being organised into pretty pictures but this Rearranged Picture is A-mazing!
  • Have you heard about the Glass Beach in California? I had no idea this existed! It’s both amazing and kind of sad…
  • How adorable are these inked Disney princesses!
  • F*ck Yeah Headlines is fantastic! Each weekday Eric Wedum finds a headline on a major news site, and illustrates it without reading a word of the story.
The Sunday Sessions are a weekly round up of cute, funny,amazing, inspiring or lovely things I’ve seen during the week and would like to share with you.
~ I have a bit of a style/girl crush on Daisy Lowe. She just seems so fun and laid back. If I’m honest I actually only just found out who she was…. If I’m really being honest there’s one real reason I like her….
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Yeah, I have Doctor Who on the brain at the moment, (well even more than usual) because we are going to watch the new episode tonight after waiting 3 months for it! Eeeeee!

  • Speaking of Doctor Who, check out these INSANE cakes! How do people make these things?
  • Also, Daleks love cats.
  • I love Art Nouveau styled pictures, these movie posters are just fantastic. Makes me wish I still had the print I bought in Barcelona.
  • I’m pretty stoked to find these lovely dual monitor desktop backgrounds. I’m not usually one to use stock desktop backgrounds, but I have dual screens at work so these will look much better than my lame doubled up background.
The Sunday Sessions are a weekly round up of cute, funny,amazing, inspiring or lovely things I’ve seen during the week and would like to share with you.
~This is by far my favourite wedding photo shoot ever. I can just see my housemates wedding photos one day being exactly like these.
~ You have to see this Art Video of Light Sculptures by Sydney Cash, his work is mesmerizing.
~ Turns out Water Colour Paintings look even better in motion!
~ OMG I couldn’t bring myself to eat this pie - it’s too beautiful!
~ Loving this hilarious photo recipe for 2am Chilli
~ I’ve always been a big fan of musicals so this list of 10 Magnificent Musicals is right up my alley ;)

 The Sundays Sessions are a weekly round up of amazing, inspiring and fun things I have seen over the last 7 days and would like to share with you.

~ I love you But….  - I kind of love this ‘picture book’ of statements and the accompanying illustrations, even if some of them are not so nice…
~ The Bike Shelf is a brilliant design, I have to show this to my cyclist friends!
~ This photo of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan with Comic Con Dr Who cos players makes me smile :)
~ Loving these geeky laser cut jewellery pieces from Milkool. So cute
~ I found the Advanced Style blog via Kaylah and now I’m hooked! I only hope I am that stylish when I’m older…. who am I kidding, I’m not even stylish now!
~ I adore this stunning mural I stumbled upon. I really need to start trolling Deviant Art again.
~ The photos of High School Fashions, 1969 look like they have been snapped at a music festival! I for one was never dressed as fashionably when I was in high school lol!
~ OMG I want to live in this garage converted into a mini home! It’s amaaaaazing!

 The Sundays Sessions are a weekly round up of amazing, inspiring and fun things I have seen over the last 7 days and would like to share with you. I still have weddings on the brain, so please enjoy a wedding themed Sunday Sessions:

~ A Lovely video of an adorable super hero wedding.
~ Have a look at the stunning photos of Loren and Levi’s wedding. The night time shots are superb!
~ I adore the idea of Gourmet Popsicles for your wedding day! Especially in the climate I’m in, it would be perfect for a warm afternoon (plus, cute photo opportunities!)
~ What a sweet and original way to propose - a library treasure hunt!
~ I’ll have to remember this Happy Tears DIY idea for if/when I get married!
~ The Jersey Maid convertible bridesmaid dresses are such a clever idea for the bride who is having trouble deciding on a single dress style to suit many bridesmaids!
~ With such vibrant colours and so much candy this looks like a super fun wedding to attend! I only hope mine will be this fun one day!

Sundays Sessions is a weekly round up of amazing, inspiring and fun things I have seen over the last 7 days.
~ This shirt is brilliant.
~ Who knew that there were so many ways to tie shoe laces?
~ OMG make your own clock thingamajiggy is inspired! (That’s the technical term for it)
~ Vintage beach photos are fantastic, somehow I don’t think that my beach holiday photos are going to be as glamorous in 20 years….
~ This review of Pajama Jeans is by far one of the best and funniest reviews I have ever read!
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  ~ I wish this animal yearbook photo had an original source for it.
 This week, I have been bombarded with awesome and hilarious kitty videos, but really, isn’t that what the internet is for?
~ Kitten is afraid of Apples - no really, he really hates apples!
~ How to draw a Cat - I can totally relate to this heehee
~ FuckYeah Red Hair - a tumblr for those who love a bit of ginger
~ This puppy GIF is freakin adorable!
~ A Giant Cupcake Pillow sounds deliciously awesomeDon’t forget there’s still time to enter the kittenbear giveaway :)

 After seeing the last Harry Potter this week, I have to admit, I am loving the bit of Potterfever around the interwebs at the moment :) So, please enjoy a slightly Harry Potter themed Sunday Session.
~ Check out these comics of each of the Harry Potter movies in one picture. Heehee love them :)
~ Harry Potter Character Obituaries from the July 15th Harrisburg Patriot News are a lovely touch.
~ Loving these Harry Potter Premiere fashions, the boys are all so very dapper ;)
~ Watching a guitar being played from the inside of the guitar is awesome! It almost doesn’t look real!
~ A collection a Day - I wish I had this many neat things to share!
~ I totally was the LPour me a Cup by Mod Cloth. Yes Please!

 Sorry for the brief bit of radio silence this week. I managed to catch yet another cold and have been sick for the last few days. Here’s a very belated wrap up of some of the great things I’ve seen this week:
~ Well done Puma! That’s such a fantastic idea!
~ I fricken love this kid dancing to MJ’s Thriller at a baseball game.
~ Check out this ‘animated tattoo‘. Very clever!
~ Well Groomed is a fantastic wedding blog for grooms, there aren’t enough of these :)
~ I found Made by White through Kaylah and now I’m totally in love with this Owl Bandit Necklace
~ I have wiled away most of my sick time reading the webcomic Octopus Pie
~ Go have a play on incredibox, I’m such a sucker for online music makers!
~ Josh Grobin - The Best Tweets of Kanye West - Say no more. I love Josh Grobin!

~Why the Panda is black and white - who knew French Advertisements were so glorious!
~ Daniel Kornrumpf is an amazing embroiderer who is almost able to mimic paint brushstrokes, I am in awe of his hyper-realistic embroidered portraits!
~ These dream-like installations of household items like lamps and chairs are assembled in the countryside, and then photographed by Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen. They are just amazing!
~ I’m not sure why I loved this so much. But make sure you click on the kitty to fully appreciate the cuteness!
~ 1000 Awesome things are exactly what the title claims! There are so many everyday awesome things that everyone can’t help but love :)
~ I love this idea of Camera Mail. I really want to try something like this myself! It would be so much fun!
~ I went to the Finders Keepers markets today, I have great finds to share with you all tomorrow :) (plus of course, today’s ‘new’ thing)