LINE ONE / These coins are so brilliant, I wish that normal currency were as colourful and fun as these painted pieces! “Tales You Lose” was conceived on  Andre Levy’s (a.k.a. @zhion) Instagram, but now you can find all the pieces on his tumblr page.

LINE TWO / Kokeshi matches are so adorable that they almost keep you from wanting to use them! Each has a teeny little face, matching that of the box. I want a whole set of them - but then what would I do with them if I can’t light them?!

LINE THREE / While on one of my tumblr tangents I came across 19 year old Liz’s awesome collection of Tilt Shift photos. Made from stills from movies and TV shows like Supernatural, Sherlock and The Avengers, the tilt shift affect makes them look like perfect little models of towns.

LINE FOUR / American artist Amy Santoferraro creates quirky bonsai-esqe scenes assembled from thrift shopped bits n’ pieces. Growing bonsai’s seems hard, but with one of these, you would never have to worry about killing the poor plant!


3 Responses to Sunday Sessions: 29.09.13

  • Shell says:

    Oh gosh, all so great! I’m going to Japan in a couple of weeks, so I’ll keep my eye out for the matches, but I think I can only bring one packet, in my pocket :( So cute

    • Dani says:

      I’m so jealous! I love Japan! Have an awesome time! Go to Disney Land if you can! The week around Halloween they let people come dressed up as their favourite characters and they go ALL OUT! It’s amazing!

      • Shell says:

        I’m a bit spoiled because we went for Cherry Blossoms in April already this year! We did go to Disney at that point, it was so wonderful! This time it’s just Tokyo. I wonder if the Halloween stuff will be happening when we are there? We arrive home on the 25th so I hope we catch the beginnings of the dress-ups! So cool :)