Ohhhh I love a miniature diorama!  There’s something about tiny figures and scenes that always seem so whimsical. We never made true diorama’s in school when I was a kid. Scale models? Sure, but never to the teeny tiny detail that you see in a diorama. Where does one even get those tiny people, trees, bushes and houses? Are there shops around that only sell thousands and thousands of itty bitty figures? If so -  please do not tell me where they are…. I’m just the kind of person to send myself bankrupt buying an army of mini dolls.

1.  Red Riding Hood Pendant by Mijbil Creatures /$26
2. The Park Bench necklace from Mother was Right / $40
3. Extreme Micro Snail by Suami / $20
4. Grazing Cow Ring by Tiny Tasty Jewelry Cafe / $55
5. Terrarium Diorama Necklace from Frankie Fuju Forever /$39.95
6. Tiny Matchbox Woodland Scene by Machel Spence Photography /$14.99

LINE ONE: Everyone knows why love of terrariums, so these postcards by Quill & Fox are right up my alley.
LINE TWO: I want one of these aerial landscape carpets so much! Ever since I was a kid I would always ask for the window seat on planes so that I can look down at the patterns made by the landscape, if I had one of these carpets I could do exactly that from the comfort of my own couch.
LINE THREE: Eeeeee! Look at these adorable little pugs! So many teeny little jackets, couldn’t you just scream?
LINE FOUR: I am crushed that I didn’t get to go to this exhibition; here’s what happens when you give kids thousands of stickers in a white room. I wish I had know it was on so I could have placed a few stickers myself…
Now that Spring is well and truly here my little garden has started to grow back after months of me being super paranoid I had killed it all off (I’m not used to winter okay!?) I plan to buy a bunch of new plants over the next couple of weeks to add to my little collection of pot plants. I’m hooked on succulents which always leads me to looking up terrariums on Etsy for inspiration:

1. I think it’s such a lovely idea to have a terrarium in this Antique White Apothecary Jar.
2. Isn’t this Mini Cactus Zen Garden just stunning?
3. OMG! Marimo in the Dark Sea is an underwater terrarium! Genius!
4. I’d love to make up some Air Plant Urchin Terrarium‘s like these beauties!
5. Light Bulb Terrariums would be beautiful hanging in a window, don’t you think?
6. How could anyone not be smitten with these Teeny Tiny Terrariums? Adorable!
So, on Saturday I went on an epic adventure to find a plant nursery. One of the problems with being new to a big city is I don’t know where anything is. That doesn’t stop me, but seeing as Google directions are almost always wrong at some point along the way, it makes for wild adventures in driving. I was so close to the place I needed to go for about an hour but kept getting turned around due to traffic and streets I didn’t know very well. Once I finally got there I may have gotten a little excited and bough a big box of plants! Oops!
I love this guy with the huge leaves, I almost bought a BIG version of him, but decided for half the price, the little one was way better.
The original reason I was actually looking for plants was that I decided I wanted to build a terrarium for the first time. I decided I wanted one with succulents to put on my desk at work. I bought a teeny glass fishbowl and some little animal toys with the plan of making a tiny jungle. The animals where WAY too big, so I had to make do without them. Apart from that it was pretty simple process; rocks for drainage, moss, topsoil, plants = Terrarium! I even added my little glass deer I got from the Christmas Markets in Paris, but she’s a little lonely. I’ll have to find her a friend…
I have to admit, upon arriving at the nursery, I got a little carried away. I found so many awesome plants I wanted them all! I decided to make boyfriend one as well. His didn’t turn out so well…. like, not at all. He has this little wooden Japanese garden toy set I bought for him and was going to use as a centerpiece of his terrarium. He also LOVES Cacti, so I figured why not  put the two together?
Because it looks stupid, that’s why.

It actually wasn’t a total disaster. After trying in vain to make him something I was happy with, I used part of the set, the cacti and the bonsai tree I bought him to make 2 little pots of cuteness that I actually like more than my terrarium!

There was so much love put into those pots. Do you know how hard it is (and how much it hurts) to re-pot a cactus?! And I did it repeatedly! lol That’s true love. Do you ever do that? Start one project and accidentally end up making something else that’s actually kind of better than  your original idea?