This spicy and sweet shooter is the perfect boozy dessert or nightcap for the festive season!
  • 500g of Fresh Cherries
  • 1 Bottle of Spiced Rum (we use Kraken Rum)
  1. Prepare your cherries by removing the stems and washing the cherries thoroughly.
  2. Place the cherries into the vessel they will be soaked in; this can be a large jar (from which you can serve from later) or if you have individual sized jars or cups, these will also work. It is best to store your rum & cherries in something with an air tight lid.
  3. Fill the vessel with as many cherries as you can without going over the rim of the glass.
  4. Pour the rum over the cherries until they are completely submerged, leaving at least 2cm at the top of the vessel to allow for the release of juices.
  5. Seal your cherries tightly; either with the vessels lid, or if that wasn't possible, with a couple of layers of plastic wrap secured with a rubber band. Place in your refrigerator to soak.
  6. Soak for at least 24 hours - 1 week. How long you soak the cherries for is up to you- the longer they soak, the stronger the flavours will be! 1 month is optimal for the boldest flavours but the cherries and rum should keep for 2 - 3 months as long as they are kept refrigerated.
  7. If not already individually prepared, serve in a large shotglass or small jar/glass. Don't worry about the name, these little drinks are designed to be sipped - not shot!
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