Sunday Sessions

Sunday Sessions - Valentines Day Links

LINE ONE: I know I’m always sharing DIY’s from Oh Happy Day, but Jordan is just keeps impressing me! I’m loving the idea of this Heart Balloons in a Closet

LINE TWO: Another great crafty DIY, this time Valentines Gift Wrap from Sugar and Cloth - So simple and so effective!

LINE THREE: I don’t even really like Pavlova (I know, I know. How horribly un-Australian of me!) These Pavlova Hearts from Return to Sunday Supper look positively delectable!

LINE FOUR: My friend Daria was invited by Wildfox to be part of their Take 10 competition where 10 bloggers style the same Wildfox piece – a glitter heart jumper – and you can vote for who’s styling you like the most. If you like what you see, you should head over here and cast a vote!


LINE ONE:  I’ll admit, when I first heard that there was a store in LA called The Pie Hole I was instantly intrigued  (Photos from here, here and here)

LINE TWO: This mural by Hense on a Church in Washington DC is magical. If only he could come to Australia and make my house look as amazing!

LINE THREE: Ever since I started blogging, I’ve become a little obsessed with typography, so it comes as no surprise that I’m smitten with the series of travel images by Istanbul-based photographer Gokhun Guneyhan. Each image mixes photography and typography by juxtaposing typographic elements over the photographs and in doing so tells the story of each place.

LINE FOUR: These knitted wigs by Louise Walker are so great! I especially love the pink and long turquoise ones. I would love to rock out in one of these for a day.

PS. It got a little delayed with all the changes going on around here, but I hadn’t forgotten about the Frankie Gift Paper Book Giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered, but the lucky duck who will be receiving a copy of the book is:

LINE ONE: I am completely in lust with these unique and contemporary lamps from Vertigo Bird. I would hazard a guess that I probably would have to give up eating for a while to afford one, but that sure doesn’t stop them from being brilliant designs!

Oh man. I just discovered Deux Lux and I’m really wishing that I wasn’t in the midst of post-Christmas saving because I reeeaaallly want, like….. all of the bags (the Felix Weekender most of all!)

Remember a while ago when I shared Poolga, the brilliant website full of iphone and ipad backgrounds you can download for free? I popped over to their site recently to get myself a new background and discovered that you can now buy prints! Uh oh…

Loving the soft and delicate designs of these Fabric Origami Necklaces and Fabric Origami Rope Necklaces from Poketo, but honestly, anything origami has my love.
Last chance to share some Christmasy links before the actual day. I always wish that the end of the year wasn’t so busy so that I could try out more of these projects myself…
LINE ONE: Loving this nifty DIY for making Rainbow Dipped Pine Cone Garlands. They almost look like the old style of Christmas lights we used to have in our house as kids.
LINE TWO: Melanie over at You Are My Fave has been getting into the Christmas Spirit by putting teeny tiny scarves and earmuffs onto toy animals around her home. Adorable!
LINE THREE: I am totally want to try this next year, Edible Snow Globes are such a brilliant idea and look delicious to boot!
LINE FOUR: Oh Joy has more fantastic Christmas Projects, this time 3 beautiful wreaths you can make yourself. Next year I think I might make some mini wreathes for inside my house.
LINE ONE: There’s something so whimsical and serene about a room full of balloons! Dancer and choreographer William Forsythe has traveled with his audio/visual installation Scattered Crowd in which thousands of balloons are suspended in galleries, museums, banks and other architecturally significant spaces. I wish I could experience the full impact of these installations in person, it looks so magical!
LINE TWO: Ohhhhhh! French designer and woodworker Malet Thibaut just released this limited edition “Art Toy” clearly inspired by the well known Lego figures. They were on sale in his Etsy Store but appear to be sold out now. Damn! I would have LOVED one of these to sit on my mantle!
LINE THREE: When Alma Hazer was asked by a fellow artist to submit a self-portrait to his Pop Art project, she decided to disguise herself in a wig and borrowed outfit. She found that the wig gave her confidence and began to wonder if other people would feel empowered by dressing up in a disguise. The result is a fascinating series of photo’s called “On the face of it,” all featuring the same outfit on various models. This makes me want to try this for my new blog portraits - I hate taking photos of myself!
LINE FOUR: Loving these adorable, iconographic illustrations of famous rival characters by designer Dan Matutina. The Samurai Jack one is especially fitting as my housemate has just introduced me to the show!

LINE ONE: Oh how I wish this place had been open when we were in Japan last year! Omote 3D allow you to create a perfect 3D printed figurine of yourself! How awesome!

LINE TWO: Wow! Seriously, WOW! These aren’t photos you’re looking at, Californian artist Noel Cruz repaints action figures and dolls to look like celebrities with amazing results.

LINE THREE: These photos made me laugh so much! Chinese micro-blogger Toshiya86 has posted her feline Guagua in a series of cardboard ‘cosplay’ outfits. If only my cat was as patient as this little guy.

LINE FOUR: The always brilliant Krisatomic has once again captured the truth of the matter, this time with ridiculously expensive December magazine gift guides.

LINE ONE: It’s probably because of my love of owls that drew me to these amazing drawings. Using pencils, charcoal, and pastels artist John Pusateri creates near photo-realistic drawings.
LINE TWO: I always hope to come across awesome art installations like this in my life; the Duomo and Opera d’Arte in Milan collaborated with the international art collective Cracking Art Group to create and place 50 blue snail sculptures on the cathedral’s roof to call attention to much-needed repairs and restoration. I love the combination of old and new elements mixed in together.
LINE THREE: These Domsai terrariums make me giggle. Each one has its tailor made dome and individual plant giving it its own personality. How great are their little pants and feet! You can buy your own here.
LINE FOUR: I love love love this Mini Marquee Sign DIY from Oh Happy Day. Marquee signs are so expensive, but now you can make your own at home!
LINE ONE: Loving these ‘Objects of My Affection‘ design templates from Design Aglow. Such a clever way to display photos, especially for photography and camera lovers.
LINE TWO: Instead of using a paintbrush to create a still life portraits, Swedish artist Fideli Sundqvist creates her images out of paper and photographs them instead. I can only imagine the patience it must take to create each of these pieces!
LINE THREE: Oh wow! Just look at all these colourful beauties in the West Elm Market. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of brightly coloured home wares.
LINE FOUR: Speaking of colourful; There will be a new 26-book series of hardcover Penguin classics, each one featuring a gorgeous drop cap by illustrator Jessica Hische. (You can see Jessica’s work through her project Daily Drop Cap.)

LINE ONE: Zombie Princesses by Blood Soup Products are fabulously creepy!
LINE TWO: I love how this Zombie Cats Print by Anion is so cute and vintage looking, until you look a bit closer and see that something is a little unusual…

LINE THREE: I’m pretty sure I’ve shared Juliana & Ben’s Zombie Engagement Photos (taken by Amanda Rynda) before, but they are such a brilliant shoot how could I not mention them again?

LINE FOUR: I love this brilliant vintage information themed video “A Very Zombie Holiday” Keeping you safe in the event of a zombie apocalypse!  

LINE ONE: How great is this Instagram stream of Trotter the adorable French Bulldog who loves a dress u. I wish that my Loki would let me dress him up like that!

LINE TWO: I adoooore the illustrtions by Andreas Pries! There were so many, it was hard to choose which ones to feature in this post! (See more work on his website)

LINE THREE: I mentioned Nicole Porter Design in Wednesday’s Oh Etsy post, but I couldn’t go on without mentioning her amazing table wear!

LINE FOUR: I’m not Jewish but I kind of love these dorky, Geltfiend Chanukah Sweaters from Kickstarter. You know you’d love one or two for cosy winter nights.