What I Wore: Holiday Edition (1)

My home town is in the tropics, so the weather is warm all year round. Currently its the ‘cooler’ time of the year so the weather is just perfect! I can’t get enough of it! Warm days with cool breezes, it is a lovely way to defrost from the freezing winter we’ve been having back in my other home. It means that I have been able to break out my favourite, most comfortable summer clothing item: shorts!


Shirt: Cotton On
Singlet: Supre
Shorts: Valleygirl
Bag: Urban Originals
Shoes: Rubi Shoes
Necklace: kittenbear
Ring: Gift

Today I finally got to catch up with one of my best friends (and the groom!) Since I got back on Saturday, things have been pretty hectic for both of us. I had the hen’s night and he had his Bucks night the following day, which by all eye witness accounts was as wild and crazy as you might expect. Plus, as I haven’t been home since last year, there are a lot of people to catch up with. So it’s taken us a few days to manage to sync our free times. We ran a couple of wedding related errands and had some lunch, it was lovely. I’m really loving being back home. I don’t know if any of you guys have moved away from home, but while I don’t actively miss my hometown, the second I get back I click back into place with all my friends and the places we used to go. It’s awesome :) I love the city I live in now. It has so much more to offer, but nothing will ever replace the people and the memories made in my home town. I always feel so much more in sync here.

Street Art and Melbourne Outfit Post (kind of?)

I say ‘kind of’ as, well, my outfit was mainly covered up by my billions of layers to keep my sick little self warm. Pity, it was such a nice outfit too. But! You can see my new boots!

I actually don’t know how I feel about them. My mum (who never returns from any trip away without at least 1 new pair of shoes) convinced me I had to buy them because they were such a good price. At $50 they were a bit of a steal. They have a hidden wedge inside them which is awesome because I always feel like flat boots make me look stumpy and short. Plus they are SUPER comfy. Wow. Maybe I do like them after all!

Anyway, my outfit under the scarf and jacket and cardigan, was actually a cute black romper I have under my jeans. I had intended to wear the romper with tights but it was too cold for that,  It was a stroke of genius on my behalf (if I do say so myself) that I decided to wear it under my jeans. I don’t know about you, but I constantly suffer from tops that like to creep up at the back throughout the day so I’m always hiking up my pants and pulling down my top (lest my delicates be on display!) But with the romper, so such problem!

I guess its not really genius. Regardless I was excited. Evidently not excited enough to remember to take a proper photo, but hey! I was sick!

This little alleyway we were in comes straight off the main shopping mall in Melbourne. I love that Melbourne has really embraced street art and there are hidden treasures like this alley all over the city! I wish I had more time to explore a bit more and find some of the more spectacular areas but I’ll have to save it for next time!

(Also, before I forget, ‘Stop Capping People‘ (above) Wiser words have never been spoken…uh… spray painted.)

Lol! ‘Bill Posters will be prosecuted’. Good luck with that…

Outfit details:
Sunglasses: Sportsgirl
Scarf: Cotton on
Jacket: Just Jeans
Cardigan: Barkins
Romper (not that you can see it): Dish
Jeans: Sass & Bide

 (images from listing)
While looking for an affordable winter jacket on ebay, I came across this denim jacket instead. It was from a Chinese supplier, so I was hesitant to purchase it as their sizes tend to be a little on the small side. But I decided for $20, I would take the chance. It arrived on Friday afternoon and I’ll tell you right now. I am SO glad I went for it!
I love, love, LOVE this little jacket! It fits like a glove. The denim is fairly good quality, not too thin. Today was perfect weather to wear it, as it was a bit chilly but not too cold. Remember last week when I mentioned the post on Wit & Whistle about different ways to tie a scarf? Well I’ve been testing a few out and this one, (the ‘four in hand’) is my favourite! I think I’ll be wearing all my scarves like this from now on.

Jacket: Ebay
Tshirt: Threadless
Jeans: Sass & Bide
Boots: Zara
Scarf: Ruby Shoes

fishy fishy

Jeeze. I hate photos of me with my hair pulled back, but I had to share my achievement. After lusting over the many photos online, (and suffering some major hair envy) I finally taught myself how to do fishtail braids! I was on my way to run some errands today, but my hair was misbehaving, so I quickly braided it up and wrapped a ribbon around my head and voila - problem solved! I still need some practice, but its fun to have a more interesting way to style my hair. And I love that its so quick and easy :) Do you have a quick fix for bad hair days?

Sunday Outfit

We went to a friends house for lunch today. He cooked us a delicious trout and vegetable dish it was soooooo good! It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Especially seeing as tomorrow is Labour Day so we get another public holiday. There’s no better feeling than knowing you don’t have to go to work the next day :)

I love this cardigan so much, its perfect for this time of year! Its nice and warm but it’s short sleeved so I can still wear it when its not super cold. I’m so stoked I can start wearing it again, I pretty much wore it all of last winter so get used to it, I’ll most likely be wearing it alot heehee

Shirt: Ladakh
Cardigan: Target
Jeans: Neuw Skinny zip up
Shoes: Grey Ballet Flats - Betts
Necklace: Kittenbear! (comes in two colours!)
Rings: Colette Jewelery and a gift

This weekend, as with most of my weekends these days, has been devoted to trying to get everything ready for the shop. Stay tuned this week for details of the opening and details of  the giveaways I mentioned earlier…

Winter is coming

While the other side of the world is getting close to summer, its just starting to cool down here. This week has suddenly gotten quite cold which reminded me that I need to get a new winter wardrobe…

What I Wore Today..

This morning before work I had 5 spare minutes and as this is completely unheard of, (I am chronically running late in the mornings) I decided to take an outfit post. I’ve been trying to take outfit posts for days now. I found the loveliest spot in a tiny park down the road from my house but the weather has been completely horrible, so a boring kitchen photo will have to do.  Its not the most exciting outfit ever, but I thought I’d share what I wear to work on a typical day.
ugh. Dont you just hate pictures of yourself? I’ll have to get used to this self photo stuff Heehee I took the first one before I realised I had forgotten my belt! Whoops!

I actually wear some black wedge heels most days to work, but they live under my desk and these shoes are my ‘in-transit’ footwear. Oh well. you get the idea :) Can’t believe tomorrow’s Friday already! Woo! Best week ever!

Flying on a jet plane

My day was all kinds of failure today. I am supposed to be interstate right now surprising a close friend for his birthday, BUT I am obviously not! 2 cab rides and $100 later I returned home having found out my flight was canceled. Ugh!

I’m booked on another one tomorrow morning, but considering that TODAY was his birthday and I wasted a whole day off work, I am less than impressed. The first and last time I try to travel on a budget airline.

Regardless, the extra time does give me a chance to share an outfit post. I’m still getting the hang of doing self taken photos with the tripod, but my new remote helps so much! No more setting up the timer every couple of minutes.

What I’m Wearing:
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: Neuw
Belt: Valleygirl
Bag:…. cant remember (awkward!) but I bought it today. love the pattern!
Shoes: Target
I fricken LOVE these shoes! I went to the city this morning (before my pointless trip to the airport) to find a jacket and some enclosed shoes for my weekend away (as all of my winter clothes no longer exist) and I found these babies in Target for $40. I was pretty stoked with that price, but when I got to the counter it turns out they were on sale for $28! Bargain! They are a little big but as long as I wear socks they’re fine. Actually super comfy!

I’m really into ankle boots at the moment, I cant wait for winter so I can have a reason to buy a bunch of boots and cute lace up shoes :)

Decisions Decisions

About once every couple of months I make the mistake of perusing the Urban Outfitters website. I love that store too much. (yes. Yet another of my shopping vices) Usually I talk myself out of purchases as my cart always add up to a couple hundred dollars, but as its payday this friday I’m thinking of allowing myself a bit of a splurge :) But now I have a real problem… I cant choose what colour dress I want!

I love them both! But I cant choose which colour I like the most! The purple is a colour that I would normally wear, and its so lovely and feminine, but its the orange that I really love. I dont usually wear colours that bright. Ahhhhh! I cant choose! Naturally, I have a few other items in my cart too… heehee!