Hoo boy! What a week! Work and social life have been hectic to say the least! I am so tired (and a little hungover) so here are some pretty things to get you through the weekend:
5/ Snapshots Camera Flask / Urban Outfitters / $24

Fashion Friday: Footwear

(via UrbanOG: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
The existance of the shopping site UrbanOG has somehow escaped my knowledge up until now. I’m not sure how I have never come across the site before, but the vibrant colours and prints featured in many of their products are like candy for the eyes. As with most shopping sites, the international shipping puts a big dent in my pocket, but considering how affordable their products are; its a price I’m willing to pay. Especially for some adorable footwear like the styles shown above.
Ummm… one of each please!

This Goes with That

There are a few clothing sites I visit on a regular basis (ie: every couple of weeks!) My love for ASOS is well documented, as well as Urban Outfitters and Top Shop but my latest find is Tobi.

I can honestly say it’s my new favourite online shopping location! 80% of their stock I would like to have in my wardrobe and most importantly, the sale prices are easy on my bank balance! I spent most of my Friday evening planning out outfits from their range in an attempt to narrow down the items in my shopping cart…Do you do that when shopping online? Buy groups of items based on how well they form an outfit? Or is it just me?

Neon Kick

Maybe it’s because of the change of weather but I have had a sudden craving for a spot of colour in my wardrobe this week. It’s been around for a while now, but I’m still digging the neutral/neon fad. With all my darker winter hues coming out over the last few weeks, I think it’s time to inject some life back into my outfits!
01/ Enamel and Pyramid Ring /ASOS / $17
02/ Colourblock Trim Floppy Hat / Forever 21 / $12.80
03/ Neon Hana Cut Tee / Miss Selfridge / $44.85
04/ Digital Heart Ring / ASOS / $10.20
05/ Neon Yellow High Waisted Shorts / Miss Selfridge / $56
06/ Canvas Contrast Handle Shopper / ASOS / $23.80 (on Sale!)
07/ Hunt Cross Over Fluro Sandals / Top Shop / $40

PS. Today I was featured on the Shopping Blog Pocket Change in their Best of the Web series! How exciting!! Check it out (and the other fabulous blogs featured as well) right HERE!

Adventures in Online Shopping: Shoes

It is abundantly clear in these photos that my latest obsession is brown leather shoes. In all honesty, I didn’t even know this until I started to edit these photos. With winter all but here I have been on the lookout for pretty enclosed shoes and one of the benefits of shopping online is the ridiculous sales that are around from mainly US stores trying to clear out for their summer.

It’s safe to say that I have been doing a little too much shoe shopping online over the last few weeks.  I thought it was about time to share my successes ( and failures) and some of the lessons I have learned:

1. Product Photos can be misleading!
These Deena & Ozzy oxfords and dark brown ankle boots both came from Urban Outfitters. They both fit perfectly and are super comfy. The oxfords turned out to be a little longer in real life than the product photo displayed. I have decided that I still love them, but when I first opened them up I was so disappointed. It took me a few wears around the house and constant reassurance from my housemates that it didn’t look like I was wearing clown shoes before I warmed to them.
Lesson Learned: Don’t rely on the product to be exactly as the promotional photos, things always look a little different in the ‘flesh’.

2. Sizes can differ depending on the brand

You may remember these Macau Suede Slippers from this post a few weeks ago. I had really wanted them in the grey, but they didn’t have them in my size. I settled for this lovely brown and eagarly waited for their arrival only to find they are too small! Nooooo! They are apparently my size, but even though I can actually fit my feet in them it’s physically painful for me. They are lovely in every other way so I’m going to see if I can get them stretched at the cobbler. Fingers crossed!

On the flip side I have these Yellow Cap Toe Canvas Ballet Flats that I posted about back in February I agonized over whether or not to get them as the international postage was INSANE. Turns out they are actually a touch too big which means they rub on my heel and give me blisters whenever I wear them.  It was disappointing, inserts didn’t help me either, but love is about compromise. I wear them all the time, along with many, many bandaids….
Lesson Learned: If available, always cross check your measurements with those listed on your size. Brands can differ in their sizing, do not assume that because you have purchased your ‘normal size’ it will fit!

3. You can’t test for comfort

My most recent purchase are these ASOS ankle boots which are probably my new favourites. The only problem with these beauties is that they have a little built in pad inside on the heel that I’m assuming is for comfort and support. It sticks into the arch of my foot when I walk making it difficult to wear them for extended periods. It’s one of those things that could only have been picked up by trying on before purchasing.
Lesson Learned: Nothing can replace actually trying something on in a store.

Online shopping is so hit and miss, I’m really impressed with my success rate so far, especially for items as difficult to shop for as shoes. Do you shop online for shoes? How do you find a pair that fits just right?

Same But Different?

Sequins, in my opinion, can be tricky to pull off. However, this Express sequin mini skirt softens the impact with fabulous shapes making it just the right amount of sparkle without looking tacky. I love the lovely Aztec inspired pattern, it reminds me of the 60″ Round Sierra Medallion Rug from Urban Outfitters that I have been lusting after for a while now.  Both pieces use a mixture of vibrant and neutral tones to create a bold effect without being too over the top. There’s something about a statement piece that can really bring an outfit or room to life!

Clothes for your feets

Lets be honest. I never liked those slipper style, loafer, boat shoe type things people have been so uppity about the last couple of years. I was all ‘Psshhh. Please. Those shoes are soooo not flattering. Who in their right mind would wear them?!”

Well… I would, apparently… I don’t know when exactly I warmed to this style of shoe, but now all I can think about is rocking a pair of these rich suburban white-folk footwear. I want some of my very own, I don’t even care which particular style it is!  Top shop is only fueling my desires with a whole range of different variations. Can’t you just imagine yourself wearing these around on the weekend?Running errands, going to barbeques, boating with the Henderson’s and generally being all stylish and comfy as hell. (Excuse my language, I’m just very passionate about comfortable footwear!)
ONE/ Manor Scalloped Edge Loafers / Topshop / $60
TWO/ Kansas Eva Sole Loafers / Topshop / $96
THREE/ Vectra3 Studded Slippers / Topshop / $56
FOUR/ Trapeze Canvas Boat Shoes / Topshop / $44
FIVE/ Kapsize Moccasin Boat Shoes / Topshop / $90
SIX/ Macau Suede Slippers / Topshop / $60

Flipbook Fashion

 one / two / three

When ever I start to get sick of my wardrobe or feel the need to mix up my style a bit, I find street style photos are always completely inspiring. True, unlike myself - half of the girls seem to be off-duty models or actresses. And quite often their style is a little too dressy for a trip to the supermarket, but I always find something new to try. Whether it’s a new piece to work into my wardrobe or a combination I never thought of before.

You may remember a while ago I shared The SartorialTwist, a totally addictive website in which remixes parts of photos from the Sartorialist in the style of those old flipbooks you had as a kid where you could change the head, torso or legs to make funny characters. Inspired by both of these things I have started putting together outfit ideas from pieces I spot in street stye photos. The silver glittery boots above are probably one of my favourite picks. I think they would go together brilliantly with this belted yellow dress and some skinny jeans. I’m totally on the look out for similar items to make this outfit a reality!

double rainbows

I generally avoid painting my nails if I can help it. I only do it every couple of weeks…. if I’m lucky. Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually like painting my nails, I just hate waiting for them to dry! I have to actually set aside designated time to do them properly without trying to make dinner, brush my hair or blog five minutes after starting.Yesterday was one of those rare times. It was still rainy and overcast so I enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon of watching movies and generally laying about. I started testing out some of my brighter colours in an attempt to choose one….. then decided to stick with all of them! What better way to improve a dreary day then to walk around with rainbows on your hands?